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What to do if you lose a child? advice on how to maintain

What to do if you lose a child? advice on how to maintain According to police statistics, in 2012 the Czech Republic has lost 5,564 children. For parents searching for child nejstresovějších one of the situations in which they find themselves. As in that case to do? What do to in order to avoid a similar trauma?

The most frequent situation in May focused portal, senior counselor to families in trouble. Recommendation was developed in cooperation with the Police, the theme is the example video interview with Mgr. Pavlou Hill, spokesman for police headquarters.

"The idea of lost and missing child is every parent's literally a nightmare," says Hana Hoffmann Foundation of Sirius. "Therefore, on this subject - as well as all other related threats to the child - we offer parents the portal all the information needed to quickly and the most effective solution. "

How to states, the majority of police statistics of missing children are children running away from educational institutions. Other causes include a missing child lost in a shopping center, public transport or on vacation, child abduction by a parent, children running away from home because of family or school problems, injuries and accidents, and the like. Situation where a child becomes a victim of a crime, are fortunately rare. "It's just a unit cases a year," he said in video chat portal for children Chances police spokesman Paul Hill.

It is such a tragic story, known in the media, however, cause parental panic when the baby comes home early and answering mobile phone. Adults then head swirling questions about when and how they should contact the Police. "It depends on the circumstances, but I always stress that the smaller the child, the faster the case should be reported to the Police," says Paul Hill. "Notice may be telephone, but subsequent visit to the closest police station is still necessary, "explains a police spokesman portal Chances for children.

What should parents are not doing? Above all, it is not recommended without ceasing to missing children calls if the phone do not pick. It is necessary to conserve battery cell phone until exhausted, since the position while the phone is able to locate the police.

Numbers for 2012:
In 2012, it was missing 1,357 children under the age of 15 years - including 800 boys and 557 girls. In the same year, missing for Police 4207 adolescents (15 to 18 years of age) - 2,657 boys and 1,550 girls. It is evident that the highest frequency of missing children recorded in police statistics in children older than 15 years. It is also less than in 2011.

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