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On Pardubice concert band Elan will come almost to the stage

On Pardubice concert band Elan will come almost to the stage On Friday, 31st May 2013 from 20:00 pm will be directly on the airfield Pardubice concert by the legendary Slovak rock band Elan.

The only Czech performances of the "The Best Of Tour" in 2013 will be held on the eve of the 23rd annual air show "Aviation fair" this year under the motto Once Upon a Time in the East, which hosts the Pardubice airport on the first weekend in June 2013. Elan Group lands in Pardubice, just a few meters from the stage.

Phenomenal Slovak band Elan was founded in 1968 and eighties of the last century has become an iconic mainstay of the Czechoslovak music scene. Elan Group, which currently consists of musicians Jožo One, Jano Balaz, Vašo Patejdl, Peter Farnbauer, Lubo Hornak, Henry Tóth and Boris Brna after three megaconcert The Best Tour 2012 in Prague, Brno and Ostrava in October last year, decided to add in 2013 one more concert in the Czech Republic and directly on the surface of Pardubice airport. The band almost up to the podium arrive in style by helicopter.

Richard Santus - one of the organizers of Aviation fair - explains what all the visitors concert may 31st May Pardubice enjoy: "Visitors to the concert can look forward to Joža Caliber with vigor, but the company will make them legendary aircraft such as heavy bomber B-17 called" Flying Fortress ", which by the way he performed in the war blockbuster Memphis Belle, a lot other historic and contemporary aircraft that will perform the first weekend -2. June the 23rd Aviation fair. At the time of the concert will be the majority of aircraft and equipment at the airport, including actors in period uniforms with original equipment and uniforms. "Organizers decided, inter alia of tickets to the concert Elán given to non-profit organizations.

Pardubice Elán concert of the series The Best Of Tour will be charged greatest hits. Concert will feature songs such as Cat, We're not evil, Rangers in subways and other twenty legendary band's songs. Great scene with approximately 200 square meters LED screen, powerful audio apparatus, rich park lighting and other visual effects, all surrounded by a unique air technology promises a truly unique and remarkable experience.

"We all have to airplanes and flying warm relationship and so the concert at the airport, where it will culminate in the preparation of the Aviation fair 2013 looking forward. Of course most of the concert and fans, but also that perhaps we will be able to view and historical aircraft on Czech and Slovak airports will visit really rare, "says manager Elán Michal Čimera with a smile:" Seldom we also manage Concert fly in a helicopter to land right next to the stage. "

Source: Press Release

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