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Babovřeské 'BBC' second

Babovřeské 'BBC' second Director Zdeněk Troška revolves second part of the most successful comedy Babovřesky decades. In the south of Bohemia again will "scream baby".

Within a year and a day ... that was the promise after the February premiere of writer-director Zdenek wreck, co-writer and assistant director Mark Kališ and producer Dany Voláková - if Babovřesky comedy, or a letter from a rural gossips successful and the audience will love it, we meet the twins . Not on line two of wine, but to shoot another episode.
And so it happened. Shortly after the sixties birthday Zdenek Wreck - with the same creators, same actors and the same locations were the first flap filming the sequel Babovřesky second Specifically, the 24th May 2013 Pistin morning in South Bohemia, where the last year and filmmakers have become accustomed.

Lovers of classic "troškovských" bawdy comedy to be back to look forward to! In Babovřeskách 2 will turn the "Roaring baby". DRB will again rotate gossip, slander defamation. And neither of misunderstandings and typical South Bohemian kind of antic village in rural baroque style emergencies will not.

"When we started filming the first part, we knew that it maybe people will like it, that there will be fun. We did not but that success is so huge, and that the audience but also the actors "forces" the second part. And for that I am extremely happy! It is my greatest reward for film, it is my greatest Oskar. This is my biggest fee - happy and enthusiastic audience. And we with our team, headed by Mrs. producer Dana Voláková we will try to make two was less cheerful, but also exciting. And to turn all tears, from laughter, "said writer and director Zdeněk debris.

He is known to like to collect pieces of the life of ordinary people and transfers it to the screen brilliantly. After all, its probably the most famous trilogy Sun, hay .... It is incredible for thirty years, and clear evidence for each TV rerun breaks attendance records!

Zdeněk debris on all inquisitive questions about how to spend this summer, corresponds to the most beautiful vacation. "We read in place in beautiful South Bohemia, picturesque countryside, with nice people, friends, who not only work, but they are still having a great time. "

New comedy Babovřesky 2 ... is on 22 Film deed and ten comedy film directed by Zdeněk debris. The screenplay was written by Lubos theme Draganovského with Mark Kalis.

Dana Voláková film producer, says:
"Cooperation with Zdenek debris and Mark Kalis is the reward. It is a professional working team that is working great, not only on the set, but also during the preparation of the film.
At the time of filming "one", it was clear that there could be another wreck trilogy, so we looked at it easily prepared. The end of "one" indicates a continuation character "twos". The "twin" We are already preparing for a possible prequel "troika". And if everything went as everyone is - Zdeněk, filmmakers and actors will take time, everyone will be healthy and fit and will finance, I believe that the audience will also see another great trilogy.
On the sequel Babovřesky 2've teamed up with his longtime friend and colleague Michaela Flenerovou and we decided to produce a film together. We are also offering cooperation of NOGUP agency sro, which I produced "one" as other artists who continue to participate, we have established an efficient team.

I hope that we, even if the film Babovřesky 2 can increase the traffic of domestic cinemas, as was the case in the first quarter of 2013, which increased by 13 percent, and in the words of Secretary UFD Jaroslava stones ... "for it is clearly Babovřesky".

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About the film

There will also be a universal gossip and municipal Horáčková believers (John Synková), which was everywhere, knows everything and has all the keys, its "babovřeské BBC", six bab (Jindriska Kikinčuková, Jana Altmannová, Ruzena Havlová, Anastasia Perlíková, Jarmila and Bursová Jaroslava Ulrichová), which nothing can escape, and no one who goes to a local pub, where they liqueur called "Ursului against jackals" with "God's help" pours quirky landlord (Jan cone).
This menu includes chief "vejboru" Mayor (Paul Kikinčuk), his quirky wife, babovřeská "Lady Gaga" (Veronika Žilková), love and pragmatic Ivana (Lucie Vondrackova), or her lover, who, thanks to Aunt Trudy became a millionaire - Adam (John Dolanský).
And above it all, trying to watch, but a bit vain, young parson with a cheerful little name (Luke Langmajer) and sister Gloria (Paul Bečková).
Again we meet and Lubomir Kostelka, George Pech village with three dudes Radek Zima, Petr Polak and Jaroslav Cermak and starostovic daughters Barbara Šimková and Veronika Novotna.

The actor's team added new characters and other celebrities as financial controller Bronislav Kotiš, Filip performed by Martina Stropnického, granddaughter of our gossips Kamila Kikinčuková, Tatiana Krchovová, Iva malate, Parish cookbook Miriam Kantorková, Michal Pavlata vicar or bishop Přemysl Kubišta, and other very famous and attractive faces from the world of sport ...

Film is fun again from beginning to end. But no one will be naked or before or behind the camera, even for very sharp rise, which - as creators hope - will bake about one hundred and six to 31 days managed to make good again "flick" to laugh.
A must not miss fragrant "hay", or fresh "strawberries". Maybe some will fall the "pie" and soft "erotic" ... Who knows ...
And as they say: who wait, and that we will see again in February next year, specifically the 20th Second 2014, the result of the film 2 Babovřesky fun lovers can come and watch a movie.

"The weather is the only thing out of our hands. But as I always say, it's the way it should be, and at the same time, if one side sat the Pope and the other Putin with Obama "when the weather goes bad, we can do nothing. But yet we always came out beautiful weather, we were shooting during the day or at night. So keep your fingers crossed, let us get the job done. I want people to have fun, laugh with them, and it is the mission and continuing this summer, crazy, a typical South Bohemian Czech comedy, which in cinemas in the Czech Republic and Slovakia saw it at 750,000 viewers, "adds fresh jubilant, finally an" adult "Zdeněk Troška .

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