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Walking for a healthy heart: Place the right tempo

Spring is fast approaching and the windows slowly begins to warm. Now is the ideal time to go for a walk and pump up sluggish and cold heart. For a healthy heart exercise is a very important factor. And warmer weather makes starting the appetite to go move out.

Keep the tempo

Most ideal exercise for the heart is a common walk. It's a cheap and simple method to stay in shape. It is best if you can find some company and regular exercise will become a fun point of your current program. However, remember that this is a form of exercise, and therefore should have their walking pace, but one should be able to by him as comfortably speak. The ideal is to gradually regular walks (which takes at least 30 minutes) as often as is possible in the week.

What is needed for success

Equipment is
Wear comfortable clothes and shoes that will match the weather.

Book your time
Start slowly and gradually walk the length and gently lengthen.
Specify the time you always spend just walking - this activity has gradually become a regular part of your life.
If you miss your regular workout, try to incorporate some exercise into your day another way.

Have reasonable expectations
If you come a long inactive period, overweight or any heart disease, discuss your options with your doctor, even before you start walking.
Find more physical activity during a typical day. For example, to thoroughly go through the store, than buy, walk the stairs instead of the elevator ride, etc.
If you are forced to exercise for a longer period interrupt, do not lose courage and slowly start again.
Movement skip right after a meal, when out great heat or if you simply do not feel it.

Make the exercise fun
Vary the its activity, choose different routes for walking or replace other movements (eg swimming).
Accrete family or friends together you will exercise more easily.
Encourage walking to be listening to music.

Treat yourself to a reward
Keep track of activities undertaken in calendar or diary. Note the distance covered and time, connect their feelings for each managed portion.
After reaching the milestone with a special reward.


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