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First aid for asthma attack - a practical guide

Asthma is a chronic respiratory disease that often accompanies other allergic problems. It occurs in about 8% of children in the Czech Republic, but the number of patients is increasing steadily. Whether you are in your neighborhood asthmatic or not, it is good to know, as in the case of unexpected asthma attack to keep.

The most important thing is to recognize the problem

How to recognize an asthma attack? If you are in this situation for the first time, tell you some basic diagnostic characters:
shortness of breath,
wheezing sound when breathing out,
blue lips and fingertips.

What to do first aid

Most patients with asthma have among themselves and an asthma inhaler plan, according to which in case of problems need to proceed. If the patient himself does not have a plan, do the following:
Sit the patient in a comfortable position and loosen tight clothing around his neck.
Remove the inhaler cap and shake well.
Allow the patient to exhale completely and insert the inhaler into the mouth.
Along with a touch of inhaler press.
Ask the patient to breathe through the mouth as deeply and slowly as you can. Subsequently to hold his breath for 10 seconds.
Press the inhaler four times, each time with a pause of one minute between doses.
After four doses, wait 4 minutes and see if the patient's condition improves.

If four doses sufficient and the patient still has a breathing problem, follow the above diagram the other four injections. If not then there is no change for the better, continue with one injection every 4 minutes until the arrival of emergency services.

Do not run out of sick eyes

Even if you feel that you are out of the woods and the patient breathes normally do not go away and wait with him for the arrival of emergency services. Seizures may return to the same or even greater force than before. If you find they are no longer hear wheezing sounds, but the patient becomes sleepy and tired, do not stop the medication. His condition is not improving but rather worsening.

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