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7 steps to dispose of cigarette smell

You have decided to quit smoking and it bothers you that your apartment even still feel uncomfortable? Here are some tips on how to smell of cigarettes, which leaked over the years to outfit your dwelling, effectively get rid of.

Cleaning must be thorough

If your "D-Day" before approaching or have reduced smoking just yet, I can take no cigarettes inside the apartment and prefer to go outside to smoke. The same rule should apply to any visit.

Throw away all the ashtrays - the dirty smell stoked típnutí long after the last cigarette, washed in turn increases your craving.

Although this means a lot of effort, scraping and subsequent painting walls is essential for success. Not only in this way will reduce tobacco odor and get rid of the yellow stains, but next time lighting a cigarette in the apartment really change your mind.

Wash windows, for example, by acid water, blinds and curtains prefer to take new ones. You're the cigarette smoke smell persistently for years and often managed to get unsightly yellowish tone.

Now is the right time for long postponed cleaning upholstered furniture and carpets. Here is one simple rule: be careful when choosing cleaning products cautious, however, in the application consistent and sufficiently strong. If you have concerns about the destruction of the material, rather use a professional company.

Odor "ingrained" in the carpet will help to remove the baking soda. Tou sprinkle the entire surface and allow about three hours to work before it will squeeze. To make sure that the powder your carpet does not wear off, I prefer to pre-test this method on a small and not very visible sample.

Also use baking soda in the final editing. If you pour it into a bowl and let stand for several days in a room, the air should absorb the remaining odor. Similarly, a proven method is also use ground coffee.

Source: Smoking kouření.cz

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