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5 nonsensical myths about batteries

Battery and Charging circulates among people of many half-truths and myths. As a result, it is their misuse, which can lead to a reduction in their life. We introduce you to the most common erroneous information about batteries and battery charging handed down. And we'll advise you what to avoid and what to the contrary, do not worry.

Myth 1: Memory effect

Not the most common myth about charging batteries is having handed down deep discharge and then hundred-percent charge. This myth is related to the so-called memory effect that actually exists. Must say, however, that there is only the old NiMH and NiCd batteries. "In all modern mobile devices are now used in Li-ion or Li-poly batteries which do not suffer from memory effect. For these batteries is even recommended charge is only partially discharged state, "said Radim Tlapak from an online store Complete discharging these modern batteries can even be harmful. As a result, there may be more rapid reduction in capacity and extending the charge.

Myth 2: Overcharging batteries and fast charging

Another concern is unfounded leave the charged battery in the charger, which can reportedly become unusable battery. Overcharging a battery pack could actually harm and lead to explosion. Modern batteries but also modern chargers are not against such negative consequences are well protected. It can to detect when the battery is fully charged, and then recharge itself stops or reduces the charging current to a bare minimum. Unnecessary fears some people have also made rapid battery. When charging a strong stream of today's best producers from Rapid Battery no danger.

Myth 3: Re-connecting the charger

The myth of the necessity of re-connecting and disconnecting the charger to fully recharge batteries is a real gem. Spread started after finding some users, the mobile phone and the battery is disconnected from the charger showed after a few moments, a lower level of battery charge than 100%. Re-connecting device has been charged in the charger but you really will not ensure a longer battery life. In fact, this effect is due to the fact that the battery has charged some mobile phone charger disconnects and begin to take energy from the battery. After sliding the cable is then read correct value.

Myth 4: Freeze ensures longer battery life

Another series of myths relates to the extension of shortening battery life. For this purpose we recommend the battery enclosed in a plastic bag for a few minutes and put it in the freezer. The described procedure does not only extend life, but rather the contrary battery harm. "Temperatures below freezing batteries certainly not indicative. Due to low temperature at which a rapid decrease in capacity. It is fortunately only a temporary effect. The permanent battery damage occurs after prolonged exposure to temperatures below freezing, "said Radim Tlapak.

Myth 5: New needless to recycle batteries

Last of the myths related to the use of a battery, but with their disposal. He claims that the latest batteries are so organic that it is not necessary to recycle. It is of course the other false information. All batteries are among the hazardous waste. A and advanced lithium batteries contain hazardous electrolytes, which significantly harms the environment. Their thrown away so is prohibited and shall be deposited in the appropriate recycling.

Source: Lesenský.cz

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