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Robert Fulghum visits premiere adaptation of his novel Hold me tight, love me gently

Robert Fulghum visits premiere adaptation of his novel Hold me tight, love me gently Robert Fulghum is on Wednesday 22 May attended the press conference for the premiere Hold me tight, love me gently, by which literary texts been adapted for ABC Theatre director Miroslav Hanus. The popular American author has been also look at a few rehearsals.

"I do not speak Czech, but I understand the spirit of the theater, and when I see Mirka and actors who made ​​it, so I see that they understand and know that the spirit of my book," described the feelings of trying to Robert Fulghum. 8th June will also visit the world premiere of this production filled with dance, song and wise nostalgia.

The production will see a large number of characters and it is interesting that the director Miroslav Hanus wrote a special role for Lubomir Leipzig: "It's a gift for his birthday, but to me the joy, because to meet the man format Mirka Leipzig is a unique experience."

As representatives of the actors came to the press conference Jiří Hana, George Klem, Henrieta Hornáčková and Stanislav Jachnická. Both actresses have especially appreciated the fact that they can use their wealth of dance experience. Actors also appreciate cooperation with Miroslav Hanus., "I am always with Mr. Hanus wanted to work because his performances here odrežíroval, I always loved it. Actually, it was my secret wishes and I'm so happy, "says lead actor George Han.

Robert Fulghum at a press conference accompanied by his wife Willow Bader, artist and gallery owner. It brought them together Fulghumova passion for dance. Willow not only lives with Robert and regular dancing, but has also contributed illustrations (painted with a special technique of encaustic painting) in his book about Argentine tango. Prints of her paintings are part of the scene Hold me tight, love me gently, but you can see them also in the foyer ABC.

The translation of a book by Robert Fulghum has been over twenty years dedicated to George Gross, in Czech transferred all his books. And how exactly does the name Hold me tight, love me gently, that does not exactly English original Hold Me Fast, Slow Love Me? "For me, the joke does not translate ... and something you simply have to sacrifice, but again, we created something nice. While the English names of the main perceived speed or slowness, and in English for the lightness (strength and instability). Contrast is elsewhere, but too well. Thus, as it was in English in the manuscript, so we talked about it a name really wrote ... Fulghum wanted to change (that we did not make problems and make it better suited Czech), adding perhaps a dozen alternative names. Finally, there were the original name and my attempt to to handle that, "said the translator.

Robert Fulghum / Miroslav Hanus
Hold me tight, love me gently

Director: Miroslav Hanus
Starring: George Hána, George Klem, Thomas Novotny, Zdenek Vencl, Henrieta Hornáčková, Stanislav Jachnická, Lucie Pernetová / Barbora Janatková, Veronika Janků, Zbynek Fric, Jana Drbohlavová, Lubomir Leipzig / Stanislav Fiser, Patricia Soukupová, Radka Fidlerová, Hana Doulová, Evellyn Pacoláková, Viktor Dvořák, Petr Klimes, Zbigniew Kalina, Jaroslav Vlach and other

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