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How weak stomach? Empower it!

How weak stomach? Empower it! For years you complain about nausea, bloating, heartburn, or that it makes you sick, just sit in the car? And the only answer you on his complaints we hear is, "Oh yeah, weak stomach, bummer. The only thing that works is to give up the things that cause problems. "

It's not true. Does not mean that you must exclude from your diet sourdough bread, forget alcohol or give up travel. Of course you have to follow some rules. And we will now show you how.


Feel your body. Surely you will not be in such a situation a taste for hot dense food. But you need something in your stomach. If it is empty, it irritates the acidic gastric juices and you are still rather worse. Once you feel a little weak stomach, take a sip of clean, cold water. It is also good to suck ice. Cold non-carbonated beverages suppress nausea. Drink regularly. When dehydration will not only dizzy, but also the stomach. On the other hand, too much fluid during meals or immediately after meals impairs digestion. They do this often women who are dieting in an attempt to fill the stomach water instead of food. But the water dilutes the gastric juices and enzymes, which complains digestion.

Not every pastry puffs

Think of it from a shelf in the store and place your favorite Bohemian Forest (wheat) to give rye bread basket. If you can not give up your favorite pomoučeného loaf, put it in place of butter and cheese a vegetable butter and vegetables. Flatulence is caused by dairy products in combination with wheat bread. Of course completely abandon them do not - they just přikousněte the rye bread ...

Pulses can, but ...

... Leave it overnight to swell in water and the water then do not forget to fuse! And wait, what difference after eating you will see (or rather feel).

Before traveling to Eat

Not before that far away. If you suffer from childhood to travel sickness makes you sick certainly not the way to vacation, but also the bus to work. Although you'd probably never admit it, it has logic. Means of transport rattle in traffic, it was hot, minimum fresh air usually sit, where there is not a place, which is usually not the driving direction ... The best advice is prevention. Give yourself before entering the stop something storable and easily digestible - a biscuit or a banana. And if you still feel sick, keep her water bottle. It will always show unmistakable service.

While driving (either clockwise or counterclockwise, whether or switchbacks on a straight highway) but never really nobody reads. Yes, there are people who go to work for three newspapers and read a novel by Proust. Deal with it, to them that you just never belong to you. And do not even try.

A tablet of last resort

If you are waiting for a wild party, take them into a purse or pocket tablet to support digestion. Maybe it does, but if so, very quickly you feel better because of it. Appropriately selected remedy reduces daytime and nighttime production of acid by the gastric juices and prevents damage to the gastric mucosa. Such an ideal means as an OTC drug Ranisan 75 mg or Loseprazol, which is designed specifically to alleviate the problems of heartburn, upset stomach or gastric hyperacidity. Their big advantage is that they take up and provide relief very quickly - in a matter of minutes - and the effect lasts for many hours. Of course it depends on how strong and frequent are your difficulties. The usual recommended dose is one to two tablets once or twice daily. Anyway, do not rely on them. It is always better to prevent problems than have to deal with it then. One of the most effective measures as have a glass of alcohol after each glass of water.

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