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The healing power of food: 6 top tips

What used to fall into the category of old wives' councils, is now confirmed by scientists and experts.

The healing power of foods also believe Sherry Torkosová, pharmacist and also the author of the Canadian Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine. 'Current illness simply recommends regular food. Most of them can be found at home or in health food stores.

First Honey

It is effective in the treatment of skin wounds and burns. These places are treated with honey healed demonstrably faster. In addition, honey also helps the sore throat and cough. Scientists also vybádali that a single dose of buckwheat honey can in children with inflammation of the upper respiratory arrest nocturnal cough. This product contains a specific enzyme, which together with water antiseptic effect.

Second Bananas

Maybe operate a common impression, but can it quite a lot. They are known for the ability to neutralize the acidic stomach contents. It protects the stomach lining and ulcers before. In addition, the bananas are used when a person attacked by diarrhea. That is, the situation where the body loses the important ions which each banana contains a large amount. It supplies us and potassium.

3rd Turmeric

As in China and in the Indian medicine is used for its anti-inflammatory effect in the treatment of a variety of problems (dental pain, bruising, menstrual problems, etc.). Healing powers of turmeric have been attributed to curcumin, which is comparable effects such as ibuprofen.

4th Clove oil

It contains a substance called eugenol, which not only inflammatory, but also an antiseptic and also relieves the pain. It is mainly used in the oral cavity, where it can relieve suffering the teeth and gums. Some studies even suggest that clove oil may also help in inflammation and joint pain.

5th Cranberries

They are popular for its beneficial effects on the bladder. Today we use in the prevention of tooth decay and gum disease. Their effect is that it prevents the bacteria to adhere to the surface of the teeth and gums.

6th Milk

If you bedtime received from his mother a cup of warm milk, it was not at all the case. Dairy products are a good source of tryptophan, an amino acid that our body is able to convert into melatonin and serotonin. Both substances then help induce sleep.

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