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Nick Cave and Franz Ferdinand at Sziget Festival

Nick Cave and Franz Ferdinand at Sziget Festival Who received a visa to Sziget - Liberty Island recently? The five artists currently following program on the main stage will Nick Cave and bring you your file restoration of the legendary Bad Seeds. On it will also most popular independent guitar bands of the last decade, Franz Ferdinand. The biggest stage also welcome file "!", The mega tent A38 it will Noisia and Timbuktu.

Poet, writer, provocateur, rock star, it's all Nick Cave, though not necessarily in that order. Nick Cave is simply a man of many talents and everything he does is for attention. It is not to be the star of the independent scene lengthy introduction, in the Czech Republic is extremely popular and every step is carefully monitored. Similarly, this was also the last album that the wild albums with the band Grinderman, Nick Cave and introduced the Bad Seeds in a quieter location. The captivating atmosphere of the long-awaited studio recordings Push Away The Sky, which was released in February this year, captivated both critics and fans. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, from the position of one of the headliners, showcasing this new Sziget visitors in person from the main stage of this year's Sziget Festival.

And energetic indie hit songs made ​​famous by Franz Ferdinand in our country. This set of Glasgow during the last decade become one of the most popular British bands and won numerous awards. Release fourth album this band is imminent and will be called Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action. So fans can expect the Sziget as classic hits made famous by Franz Ferdinand, thanks to the unique rock sound and strong melodies, as well as news, which will also present the current sound of the band.

For the first time the Sziget will!! (Pronounced: zig, zig, zig). Each Encyclopedia of Pop starting this name Californian band. At the end of the nineties frčeli in Sacramento, dance punk and so there was a band that produces music evoking the golden era of the new wave. And it certainly will not let you rest and move at least your feet. On Liberty Island will come to present their fifth album THR!! ER and directly on the main stage.

Mega tent which houses podium A38 will witness performances ultramodern loud and unique electronic project trio of Nik Roos, Martijn Sonderen and Thijs de Vlieger - Noisia. Their music can be heard in many computer games, Hollywood grabbing and of course the biggest festivals around the world. Regularly with the biggest names in electronic music such as Skrillex, Pendulum or Prodigy, won three times in the Beatport Music Awards in the category Best Drum'n'Bass Act, even though their music is definitely not only here but DnB breakbeat, house, dubstep and neurofunk.

Jason Diakité, aka Timbuktu is one of the most prominent Swedish hip-hop artists and reggae singers. He is best known hymnickými eclectic hip-hop songs, which earned seven Swedish Grammy. During the 15 years he recorded eight albums in recent years, performing with a nine-funk band Damn! Who guard his back on Sziget festival.

The aim of the festival is to provide visitors with the best music experience, but enjoy your well-being as Sziget Festival - Liberty Island, and Budapest. Therefore, it is ready for visitors Sziget-Budapest CityPass. With CityPass will be able to free travel on all means of transport within the city traffic enjoy the best resorts and beaches that Budapest has to offer. A draw many other benefits.

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