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The controversial fee used car over, others remain

Magazine dTest three months ago informed about absurd fee contract in the bazaar. Now it has customers do not pay, and he chooses whether additional service wants to or not. Other absurd charges still survive.

Czech consumers have been successful in the fight against the charges, which secretly inflate the price of goods or services. "Many consumers have on our Hotline complained that when buying a car after the contract had to pay an additional fee for paperwork and checking out, which nobody did not warn them in advance , "says Miloš gin, Legal Advisor magazine dTest, adding:" Fees should include, for example preparing the car for sale and its cleanup, which costs normally borne by the seller. "

Both big bazaar, which dTest Association called for a change approach, meet and changed business conditions or revise the information on their Web sites. "Customers now according to them will be able to choose whether he wants an additional service or not. We pay only when a repair orders, "says gin and warns:" dTest will now focus on the actual practice in the bazaar, therefore, whether the customer actually receives offer choice. "

I continue to pay consumers a number of other absurd charges, such as new extreme amount for loan contract. "Some loan companies require the client during the negotiation of loans in the amount of one hundred and twenty thousand crowns charge more than forty thousand crowns," the gin. Use these charges are so obviously trying to circumvent the law, especially the provisions on the maximum amount of the fee for early repayment. "Consumers who have similar experience can contact our hotline number at 299,149,009 contracts and send us to consider," offers gin.

Details to change the terms and conditions are available at .

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