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4 tips when the insurance company will pay damages in the home

Each year only arise as a result of flood damage in the billions of crowns. But households according to experts, there unexpected costs for example due to fire or property crime. We bring you a selection of situations that household insurance covers.

Home insurance is one of the basic civil insurance. Unlike property insurance home insurance covers mainly equipment and items inside the dwelling. In the Czech Republic, however, there is in this type of insurance a great deal of nepojištěnosti. "Uninsured in the Czech Republic every second household. However, for example, the detection of theft in the home, and therefore able to claim redress directly after the offender reached last year only about 16%, the robbery even less than 10%. If the client is closed but home insurance, insurers can perform even in cases where the perpetrator is unknown, "describes the benefits of home insurance Petr Baný, CEO of Triglav.

You can heat up the neighbor

The Shelter from the elements is not home, even if the house or apartment is not in any risk zone and is well protected against lightning and natural fires. Heating plants does not have to be the result of flooding from a watercourse or reservoir. Household wealth may harm as well as water from a broken water pipe with a neighbor. The damage done by water are extensive and litigation with neighbors in some cases protracted. Home insurance is used in cases such damage to quickly obtain the funds that are needed to give the home to its original condition.

Fire at home

Fire is another element which causes fatal damage to households range. Fires are therefore included in home insurance as one of the basic insurance risks. The specific cause of the fire is keeping flammable materials near the stove turned on. Another example may be inappropriately placed lighted candles, such as curtains or curtains. Fire can also cause delayed cigarette butts that have not previously been properly extinguished. According to experts, are unfortunately a frequent sources of ignition and children who fell into the hands of matches or a lighter. On the other hand, does not have household insurance cover fire a short circuit and over-voltage electrical appliances on the network.

Robbery and theft

Today's home is not only to deal with the damage caused by natural disasters and accidents. Home insurance thinks of injury to thieves or robbers. If the offender overcome the obstacles such as door lock, to take possession of another's property, the insurance company pays to its client performance. In this case also does not necessarily need to offender found by police. You just need to robbery or theft and reported it to the police as a whole began to investigate. Once the outcome of the investigation, the insurance company may pay a performance. Then it is possible to promptly replace the things that were stolen.

Uninhabitable home

After the damage caused by the elements or criminal activity may become temporarily uninhabitable home. If in such a case you can not find a suitable free solution and if an insurance policy, there is no need to worry. "Part of home insurance is of course the insurance for the case where the client can not household as a result of an insured event inhabit," says Peter Baný, adding: "Our clients such as in this case we pay the costs incurred for temporary housing up to 20 000 CZK. This amount is sufficient to overcome even longer period of time. "

Source: Lesenský.cz

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