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Children's day at the airport with Alika

Children's day at the airport with Alika International Children's Day falls each year on 1 June. Coincidentally, this year begins today in Pardubice other, already twenty-third annual Aviation fair.

The program is aimed only at the air show, but offers a variety of fun activities for the whole family. Therefore, parents with children who do not enjoy just sitting around, but i want to get a different experience, definitely will visit the first weekend in June at Pardubice airport.

"More or less children's days are held in many places of our country, but the program Aviation fair offers not only look at the aircraft, but also to a variety of fighting techniques, fire trucks, aircraft models or veterans. Every year the visitors will find a number of guys who just see us at the first tank close as historical or current military technology, which usually can also try the supervised, "says Josef Hadinec of the organizing committee Aviation fair.

Coordinator of Children's Day on Aviation fair Marie Schiller adds: "Enjoyment at the airport and find those children who are not attracted to industries directly or just want to have fun. Program Children's Day will be on both days interwoven with interesting competitions prepared in collaboration with partners AP. Traditionally, great presentation accompanied by technology and competition we have police and prepare for this year one of the event partners novelty in the form of a large tent called multi Cheerful Koopa. In it, the children prepared, inter alia interesting game, after which successful completion of all Children receive a flight navigator's license. Fun activities are also prepared in a military town and retro at all competition in the airport will be on both days supervise all children well-known dog Fido, mascot children's Internet portal Of course there are also traditional fairground attractions and airshow would obviously be incomplete without sightseeing flights. This year, visitors can take advantage of a unique opportunity to look at Pardubice and surroundings from the deck of the helicopter. "

Rather, the parents are ready for Saturday morning concert of popular Čechomor. If it adults will want to enjoy without worrying about your kids and Aviation fair offers parents and children the opportunity to entrust to the care of Baby tent.

All competitions, attractions, concerts Čechomor are part of the Aviation fair, and therefore can not apply a uniform standard admission price. Moreover, it is a good tradition that the airport facilities for children up to 6 years free entrance children aged 6-15 years at a reduced fee of 50, - CZK.

Current news for the Aviation fair as well as Children's day with Aliko can be found here .

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