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Chris Klug: or liver transplantation did not stop him on his way to Olympic medals

The fact that the disease is a serious liver disease does not always mean the rest of his life spent in hospitals could tell the American snowboarder Chris Klug. Fight for your life won thanks to a firm commitment to surrender.

Illness from full health

The fact that it suffers from a serious liver disease which, without transplantation could end up fatal, Klug learned at the age of 22. At that time, was one of the promising athletes in snowboarding and felt completely healthy. More surprising then to learn that the man developed disease with a complicated name and history - primary sclerosing cholangiitida (PSC).

The first symptoms are subtle

When the disease gradually worsens inflammation of the liver, resulting in preventing the removal of bile. She subsequently damages the liver tissue, which gradually scar until a picture developed cirrhosis with all its serious consequences. Patients in most cases, middle-aged men, are then among other risk liver failure, severe bleeding and the formation of malignant liver tumors. Among the very first symptoms by which the disease may reveal yet at the stage where authority is not significantly damaged include: fatigue, increased body temperature, loss of appetite and weight loss, jaundice (yellowing of the skin, whites of the eyes, oral floor), itchy skin.

The diagnosis of primary sclerosing cholangiitidy doctors determined using blood samples, imaging and sampling of liver tissue. The only treatment that promises a significant positive shift in disease prognosis is transplantation.

Selfless decision

But let's get back to Chris Klug. Ten in 2000, a full 7 years from diagnosis to determine adverse, long-awaited underwent surgery. At that time he suffered a number of health complications and pain . The new liver, which received belonged 13letému boy who tragically died of gunshot. The organ removal while the family had to agree deceased child.

Even after adversity Klug did not lose the sport. Already in 2002, exactly 19 months after surgery, became the first athlete to organ transplant win an Olympic medal.

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