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Health rules in areas affected by floods

Health rules in areas affected by floods At yesterday's briefing, the Ministry of Health to the current flood situation in terms of the basic rules of health in flooded areas except stepped Health Minister Leoš Heger, a deputy for health care Ferdinand Pole and chief health Vladimír Valenta.

The Heger Minister thanked rescue workers and medical professionals who participated in the evacuation and also members of the Public Health Service who became part of the Crisis Staff. "Good luck to all the people, who are drawn to flood the whole situation mastered both mentally and physically. I want to make sure that wherever the Ministry of Health will have a role there to help, "said Heger present.

Crisis Staff of the Ministry of Health with regard to the declaration of an emergency requested to receive regular information about their directly managed by ensuring the provision of health care. As told Ferdinand Polak, resort staff continuously receives information about a possible threat to medical devices flood (or made arrangements for protection of life of employees, patients and assets), the requirements for admission evacuated patients from other facilities and requirements requiring the cooperation of the Ministry of Health in dealing with emergencies or crisis affecting medical devices.

The severity of the situation confirmed the main hygienist Vladimír Valenta. "That is what we are today, it is extremely risky situation that brings exceptional risks in terms of health risk. People should strictly observe rules of hygiene, wash and disinfect their hands and use protective equipment such as rubber boots and gloves. Clothing should also be disinfected, sufficient only wash, but certainly it should be boiling, or service professional cleaners, "Valenta appeals. People are advised to check the booster against tetanus.

Hygiene should be observed also in contact with foodstuffs - flooded equals contaminated food, including all agricultural products. Cans in case it is necessary to wash, disinfect, rinse with warm water and even then, if the food is any way suspicious, it must be discarded.

Also threatened drinking water supplies. The day was yesterday hit around 51 water intended for public drinking water supply and another 100 found themselves in danger. Those 51 water supply located in South Bohemia, Pilsen and the Central Region. Of the potential hazard to people always learned and continue to learn from local authorities or directly from the service provider. In the case of individual sources of drinking water and affected drinking water sources are strongly advised to drink only bottled water or water from the waiting tanks.

Currently floods: Important phone, information, Web sites and accounts here .

Source: Ministry of Health tz

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