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The new production of Molly Sweeney Rococo Theatre will be for the blind

The new production of Molly Sweeney Rococo Theatre will be for the blind Director Ondřej Hare tested in the Rococo Theatre with actors Dana Batulkovou, Vasili Frederick and Ales Prochazka game O'Brien Friel, Molly Sweeney.

Psychological drama brilliant Irish playwright of blindness real and imagined and real miracles of life, is aimed at audiences who like strong stories. The performance should also be close to the blind, and not only in its subject but also monologues. Czech premiere will take place on the 13th June.

"I like stories, after which it will remain a hole in the head," says the director Ondřej Hare and describes who would recommend the game, "Molly Sweeney is a production for audiences who love the thrill and settle for less. And if Molly even for those who want something a little new. For the viewer who wants to take it that the actor will speak to him through a partner, but will dialogue directly with him. Right. "

Game Molly Sweeney takes the unusual form, it is actually parallel stories of three characters. The game then puts enormous demands on all three leaders, which of course offers remarkable opportunities for the actors.

This is the story of a woman who went blind as a child. He created his own world and gave his life meaning. Her husband (Vasil Fridrich) shares the fate of his wife. He loves her, but is unable to believe that life without eyes may be full. Years of dedicated quest for some magical drug that would give his wife Molly (Dana Batulková) vision. Cure is when it stopped hoping. I doctor (Ales Prochazka), which is able to "miraculous" surgery done, I stopped believing in himself and his skills. The desire to give sight to the woman he both perceived as an exceptional being, together, will light, causes all three go to the limits and explore their limits. At the beginning of the three people who seem to be clearly defined. At the end we face the question of which one of them was actually blind. "Dare such a thing is possible with a file that is already tuned to a certain extent, as personalities who have something to say," says the director.

Whether staging its theme and form of appeal to blind visitors to the theater, we see before the premiere. City Theatres of Prague by the United Organization of the Blind and Visually Impaired CR portal Tyflonet and associations moment approached with special offer blind and visually impaired viewers, the rehearsal 10th and 11 6th can get a ticket for 20 CZK and 1 CZK for their entourage. Cooperation established City Theatres of Prague also with the Endowment Fund of Czech Radio - Firefly, the premiere will be able to view and purchase pottery made ​​in Hmateliéru and collection to support the fund.

The music for the performance was composed by a young Czech composer, singer, songwriter and artist Vladivojna La Chia. In 2006, a group of Banana nominated for Newcomer of the Year TV Ocko. Lotopu solo album Secret (2009) became a top album of the month in Berlin's iconic music business Dussman and won two alternative prices Tais Awards for Album of the Year and Song of the Year. In 2011, composed music for film Jana Hřebejk Innocence and went soundtrack of the same name, for which she was nominated for Vladivojna Czech Lion Award and Czech film critics. In the same year, she released the album Boheme own fantasy book full of illustrations and original fables called Vladibajky. Appeared with Laco Deczi, Amit Chatterjee, Lenka Dusilová, a group Banana opened for Marilyn Manson or bands Waltari and Scorpions. This year introduced another solo album hatches, which includes tracks accumulated since 2008.

Brian Friel - Molly Sweeney

Director: Ondřej Hare
Translation: Ota Ornest
Dramaturgy: Vera Maskova
Design: Adam Pitra
Music: Vladivojna La Chia
Starring: Dana Batulková, Vasil Frederick, Ales Prochazka

Zdrpj: tz MDP

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