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Čankišou off on summer abroad

Čankišou off on summer abroad Čankišou band that has had countless concerts in her home country, but also in exotic destinations like Pakistan, Malaysia and the island of Réunion, nelení even this summer and managed to play in just three foreign countries for a total of six concerts.

The first foreign stop the concert 06.14 to Street party in Brussels, Belgium, which for several years held by the Czech Representation to the European Union. Czech musical colors here with Čankišou will defend this year as David Koller and Michal horror.

A month later, 17.7, play in a band led by the voice of their impressive singer Karel Herman Hungarian Festival Babelsound at Lake Balaton, which is aimed at the world music.

8.10 Čankišou then after two years returned to the scene: the famous and huge Sziget Festival in Budapest, Hungary. The band will play again at the second largest stage, which is traditionally dedicated to world music. Čankišou according to the organizers, the only Czech band that performed at the world music stage and twice. From abroad, then play the same boards as Transglobal Underground, Rachid Taha and Emir Kusturica. "Heard again at the Sziget Festival is for me a great honor and opportunity to play on the same stage with the world top world music. And also the opportunity to listen to a lot of great music and experience a unique atmosphere, "says the singer Karel Herman.

Holiday concerts conclude Čankišou in Germany. 31.08 dance audiences Folklorefestu in Krefeld, where he will appear on the famous feet, and 1.9 conclude Tropen Tango festival.

Foreign summer Čankišou stop again for the third time in Hungary. 14.09 Indeed before the Budapest Palace of Arts is a festival of Czech culture. As another example, plays Tom Cat or Sato-San.

Čankišou but does not forget the home fans

6.15 Tabor - Naked Night
6.21 Třemošná - Jazz festival by the river
6.22 Wallachian Mezirící - Valašský špalíček and Vlachovice - Locust festivities
7.12 Boskovice - Festival of the Jewish Quarter
7.13 Tišnov - Festival In Inches
7.19 Buchlovice - Amphitheater
7.20 Dolánky - festival
8.3 Moravian Krumlov - Djembe Marathon
8.16 Litomyšl - Toulovcovy Fridays
8.17 Kunstat - Castle
8.24 Chotěmice

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