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How to handle the flood: a practical guide health

History repeats itself and nature once again tested our patience, health and nerves. Water has shown us that one of the greatest natural phenomena, and we deal with it now we have to deal with. In this article we will not deal damage to property and financial consequences of disasters, focusing mainly on health. It is now very important even if we in despair and stress does not seem so.

Hygiene measures

The basic rule of all is the "clean hands". At a time when all around us is mud it says lightly, but really it is a necessity! Now our hands are the best tools, so they can be easily injured. Jimi not only tidy, eliminating damage, but also eat, drink and affect the rest of the body, and therefore need to be carefully protected. Designed to work with protective gloves and forbid under work gloves can take more time - Rubber health. Dual protection is always better than none! Before each meal and drink properly wash your hands, dry them and then disinfected. Are recommended disinfectants based on alcohol.

Fluid intake

When you work you have a higher fluid output, and working up a sweat a lot, so do not forget the drinks. Due to the poor conditions in which they now find yourself, forget the drinking fountain, forest and other free-flowing or standing water. Although it is sometimes tasty and wholesome, now in the flood risk of contamination. Therefore, do not risk it and just drink whatever is properly packaged - water, mineral water, juices, etc. Once in a while awaiting the results of repeated analyzes of water, and if it allows the hygienist, then only use local water. The same applies to washing. To wash, use ideally bottled water, unless it otherwise, then at least boiled water ...


At work and forget to take breaks in which replenish energy needs. Again, the rule is that anything you do not use the expanded and straight edge. Food from dirty flood, but still sealed - such as jams and preserves, use only the necessary circumstances and after a thorough cleaning. But if you can, do not you ... The best are now wrapped, unwrapped and clean food, where you are assured of health.


It is perhaps the last thing on what you mean, but repair is necessary. A moment of rest I will give you more energy and avoid possible breakdowns of congestion. The situation we are experiencing significantly weakens your immune system, so try to think of themselves and their health.

Associated Diseases

Few of the people may say that it is healthy. Remember when removing the effects on their illness, limitations, and mainly take their medication regularly and as prescribed (eg, diabetics must follow a regular diet and inject insulin).

Suitable clothing

We mentioned here already protect your hands, as there often penetrates infection in the body. It should be secure but the rest of the body, use boots to protect themselves against absorbent flying insects with long sleeves, etc. Often the floods still raining, so we recommend capes, ideally with sealed seams that will protect you from promáčením. Another gateway to the mouth of bacteria, so use a mask. Doubly worth it when working with volatile disinfection agents (Savo, Chloramine T).


When cleaning first dispose of contaminated mud and often eliminates, then use the water to wash. Finally do not forget to disinfect the premises. Due to the high humidity, you will probably need a lot dryer vent, ideally in the form of drafts. Humidity is another complication - fungi, bacteria, viruses, etc. Any damaged furniture that can not be washed and disinfected, is intended for disposal (mattress, washable fabrics, upholstered chairs).

Help - material and other

In the event of major flooding Ask for help. It is best to inquire in his village. That if necessary, establish and humanitarian assistance and can arrange financial assistance, drinking water, food, clean clothes, tools for settlement of claims, detergents, chemical treatment of water in the well, laboratory analyzes, etc. Of course there are our so-called crisis lines that are publicized in the media (TV, Internet, radio).

Diseases from floods

Injuries at work - all záděrky, bruises or lacerations are the gateway for any disease, so it is properly disinfect and guard any temperature, redness, pronounced soreness, etc. Should this happen, tell your doctor!

Try to think, when you were last vaccinated against tetanus, and if it is more than 10-12 years old, contact your GP!

Due to the higher risk of infection stabbing and sucking insects, use insect repellent.

Diseases of contamination - is manifested by abdominal pain , diarrhea, vomiting, fever, chills, colic, etc. cutaneous manifestations may include salmonella, dysentery, typhoid fever, leptospirosis, hepatitis A and B, tularemia, etc. In case of suspected disease find a doctor as soon as possible and inform them of the possibility of infection during floods.

Late disease - to take effect after a few weeks or months since the floods. Most have been observed postresové symptoms. If you feel any disease, see your doctor again, tell him also of past events.

Although you now seem desperate situation, we believe that the following tips will help you a bit to understand the foundations of "safe disposal" of the flooding. Remember that the Czechs are sympathetic and happy to help, if necessary. Therefore, do not hesitate to ask for help.


Flood information line: 1234 800 123 003
Information about public transport: 296,191,817

Central Region
Crisis Hotline: 950 870 424

South Bohemian Region
Flood Hotline: 800 100 450

Usti Region
Crisis Hotline: 800 876 011

Vltava River Basin: 221,401,495

Elbe river basin: 494,088,725
Eger Basin: 474,636,304

Source: U lékař

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