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Tips for patients with psoriasis: how to use the summer for its own benefit

Sunny weather usually good for people with psoriasis, but the sun therapy should have their predetermined rules. Mainly because to avoid damage to the skin. The following lines indicate what they are.

In favor of the skin

Not be burned up. Protects the skin from dangerous rays - psoriasis mainly affects people with fair skin that is more prone to sunburn and to skin cancer. Some medications that are used can cause photosensitivity reactions and thus damage the skin.
Not to forget the sunscreen. Though it may seem counterproductive in the case of psoriasis, definitely use sunscreen products. Although sick skin needs sunlight protection is needed! Apply cream to all the places that are hidden by clothing. Use those designed for sensitive skin that does not irritate the areas affected by psoriasis.
Pay attention to the eyes. Wear sunglasses with UV factor.
Watch the time. Soak up the whole 10 minutes to reduce the risk of sun damage. When your skin gets used to it and will tolerate sun exposure, tanning can slowly increase about 30 seconds to one minute each day.
Bathe. Suitable dipping is especially in salt water. In it falls "dead" skin and improves the appearance of psoriatic skin. However, beware of chlorinated water after swimming to rinse well and gently lubricate.
Moderate sweating. Warmth and sweating usually worsens psoriasis, especially on the face and hair pieces. Although air conditioning removes perspiration, but to no avail skin dries. If you are often in an air conditioned room, delete the moisturizing cream 1-2 times a day.
Prefer cotton. To prevent flare, wear loose cotton clothes and, preferably white.
Protect yourself from insects. Mosquitoes and other insects can worsen psoriasis, so in the summer, use insect repellent, wear long sleeves and pants at dusk and do not go out much. Consult your dermatologist what kind of repellent use.
Not to be stressed. Anxiety symptoms worse, so eliminate stress, enjoy your vacation and relax.

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