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How not to get cheated when buying holiday on discount portals

Shopping for discount portals experiences in the Czech Republic last three years a real boom. This way you get to be about 60% less romantic holiday or sports trips. Shopping for discount portals is not without risk, sometimes you can meet with fraudulent offers or companies. We have prepared for you a few tips on how to identify dubious offers of discounts and buy everything in order.

Series No. 1: Check your discount portal

On the Czech internet works tens discount portals. Among them you will find both established and high-quality sites, so many dubious websites. Before any offer of discounts do, therefore carefully check discount portal. Serious and quality portal is always registered in the Commercial Register. This fact can be verified very easily. The selected discount page carefully and the contact with the operator's telephone number and email address to enter . In the appropriate box or just enter only the identification number of the trader and the official site of the Czech judiciary will find everything you need. Where to find discount portal contact the operator or other data required for verification in the commercial register, choose to purchase other discount portal.

Series No. 2: Beware of products offered, demand satisfaction guarantee

Each reliable discount portal should also provide a guarantee of satisfaction, especially if it is a supply stays. Low compensation rates should be offered automatically when the quality of service does not match the presentation and common standards. It should also be no cover a situation where people do not have the capacity to leverage the voucher in time. "Before purchasing residence would suggest you read through the entire menu. On the Internet or in the discussion of each tender can be traced reviews of a hotel. Serious portals addition, before starting a specific discount reviewed. Furthermore, for each tender should be given contact information at the front desk, where you can check free accommodation, "said Luke Przybylski, Commercial Director portal that offers a guarantee of compensation rates in the form of credit points.

Series No. 3: Find out the real price and timely Stay

A common trick fraudulent sites or entities are discounts that actually are not any discounts. So if you buy discount portal stay, make sure you always on the web at how much it costs under normal conditions. If the offer after the page is OK, you can proceed to the payment coupon. Usually can be ordered by completing the order form. After the e-mail will get payment instructions that will lead you on the payment amount. Once the payment is credited to the account of the discount website, this sends the coupon with a unique code number. He eventually you provide when booking your stay. This reservation can no longer speak for yourself directly with the reception of the hotel. The best way is to book a stay within 14 days of purchase coupon. That is a claim period during which you are entitled to a refund for any reason. This is how you can deal with the case where the hotel has no rooms available at a time when you want to stay in place. Your voucher, then do not forget to pack with you so that you can prove it to the place of residence.

Board 4: Read between the lines

Interest discount portals is of course to sell as many vouchers discount. The advertisements therefore lavishes praise on his offer and try to present the most attractive. Always carefully read, however, what and to what extent you are buying. "Already in the title of the product offered should be duly noted, for how many people are covered by the voucher. In the case of touring also stay on for days. It should also offer discount portal at state always clear summary of conditions. This is the final price, the validity of the coupon, all dates and booking options. Do not forget to consult your terms and conditions specific discount portals. In them you can find essential information such as discounts in the event of a claim, "said Luke Przybylski.


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