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Travel without health problems

Travel without health problems Whether you are going to warm up on sea beaches or just behind the cottage in the Czech village, always comes in handy first aid kit that will deliver on medical hardship. And no matter whether the nearest pharmacy is an hour in the district town or around the corner, but if you do not remember well alive, as they say in English diarrhea, let alone Spanish ...

What is to be expected - the most common difficulties

Stomach upset, heartburn
Injuries, crippled ligaments, strained muscles
Fever, cold from the air conditioning

Stomach to take away most

Drinks on the beach, the food of the unknown stand in the street, daily servings of ice cream, ice cold beer or soda also supercooling limodády, hot meat in a grueling three. Who would this delightful diet had missed - for just one summer. What are the main but certainly bypass, the stomach, which can cause these seasonings. How to prevent? Be the irritating foods and drinks you give up, or have to travel first aid kit prepared a suitable remedy for digestive support. Maybe it does, but if so, very quickly you feel better because of him. Appropriately selected remedy reduces daytime and nighttime production of acid by the gastric juices and prevents damage to the gastric mucosa. Excellent means as an OTC drug Ranisan 75 mg or Loseprazol, which is designed specifically to alleviate the problems of heartburn, upset stomach or gastric hyperacidity. Their big advantage is that they take up and provide relief very quickly - in a matter of minutes - and the effect lasts for many hours. Of course it depends on how strong and frequent are your difficulties. The usual recommended dose is one to two tablets once or twice daily. Anyway, do not rely on them. It is always better to prevent problems than have to deal with it then. One effective measure as much drink ordinary drinking water at room temperature. Eating little and often irritating and nenadýmavá nutritious meals and try to sin once per day.

When the move hurts

Come on travel experiences for strained muscles, pochroumanému ankle or sore back from pulling luggage is annoying but not tragic - if you are wearing the rapid assistance in the form of cool soothing gel or cream that reduces swelling. Ideal as Dolgit, which just apply a thin strip and rub gently into the skin. It is also suitable gauze, which incriminated instead of downloading and vocal.
At least a couple of days but forget to challenging hikes and long standing around. Rather Reorganize program and lie down on the couch somewhere. And it does not matter whether the nápraží cottage or pool cosmopolitan hotel. The point is peace.
In a few days you can give a lighter ride a bike or try a few laps in the water. Of course it depends on the extent and form of injury. If pain persists, you can put your tablet Godasalu 500 It alleviates pain is, also has anti-inflammatory effects. You will enjoy it even when you are overcome by fever heat or cold.

Low-key cold

Who would have twenty years ago in the Czech Republic thought rhinitis and cough are on holiday after accidents and travel sickness most common health problem. Today, due to air conditioning sneeze after getting off the bus, plane, shop or office ... It is good to always carry something that you feel better soon as the first symptoms and prevent further development of the common cold. Include in your medicine cabinet Ambrosan. It is available as tablets, drops and syrup. For you will be on vacation the most practical tablet. If you count the fact that you submit Ambrosan child, buy syrup. In all forms of this OTC drug used to treat acute and chronic respiratory diseases, accompanied by increased production of viscous bronchial mucus transport and aggravated his expectoration. It contains the active ingredient Ambroxol that increases in airway mucus secretion and stimulate ciliary activity, providing shift mucus. These effects result in substantial liquefaction, better transport and secretion of mucus, thus facilitating expectoration and cough relief.

It is known that if one is a cold, should not come at the sun, because the heat and aggressive rays irritating cavity worsen swelling and thus the symptoms of cough and colds. Therefore, if you do not spend most of the holiday in a room full of bugs, try to avoid large fluctuations in temperature and in the case of illness, problems begin to heal immediately, before you head into unbearable proportions.

When the sun is too

Protect yourself from the sun with a suitable cream, a hat and midday and cool shade should be obvious. If you follow these guidelines, you have a great chance that you avoid sunburn. Make sure you take them but take along a soothing medicine against burns. It gives you unforgettable service (note - not to be confused after sun cream - the only softens, sunbathing and extends only slightly reassuring to boil them short!) If you want to support a healthy tan and extend, take another supplement Selzink Plus. The ingenious combination of antioxidants (vitamin C, E, beta-carotene, selenium, zinc) that strengthen and support the skin tan without side effects such as dry flushed skin, you should of too much sun.

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