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Czech Woodstock enrich Natacha Atlas and talented and restless Palm Reader

Czech Woodstock enrich Natacha Atlas and talented and restless Palm Reader At the time opadávající high water, with the expectation of sunshine and better prospects we are drumming out: in the middle of grain lying in the foothills arrive tribe to support our European Representative of world music and a belly dancer Natacha Atlas. He will not but just in ethno ...

Harsh rhythms of this year's meeting of the Czech Woodstock, which will be held from 15 to 18 August on the battlefield and adjacent land in Trutnov, enrich and promising young band British hardcore scene Palm Reader.

Podhorský tribe Czech Woodstock arrive to promote European Representative of world music Moroccan origin, belly dancer and singer Natacha Atlas. "Woman who creates his music bridges the cultural chasms," she says in her tam-tamu organizers of the famous and legendary festival. The festival is the traditional place held despite the fact that the festival meadows, the local town hall earmarked for building, stands first new package with a transfer and garages.

"Invitation Natacha Atlas is a deliberate and linked to this dedication. Natacha is not only a great singer, whose music is intersecting with ethno elements we like, but it is also a Muslim with Arab and Jewish roots. And its origins and how the links in their music elements of different cultures, it all goes hand in hand with the dedication of the festival - the victim of a violent post-war expulsion, "say the organizers." Several years ago we festival dedicated to Sir Winton, the second World War II rescued hundreds of Jewish children from the gas chambers. This year, we want to remind post-war victims from "the other side" wild expulsions. Lives of ordinary people, who are often guilty just by being a different nationality. Also played its pre-war German annexation of the Sudetenland, which was, however, driven many Czechs, not to mention the Jews, "said the festival previously founder Martin Věchet.

Natacha Atlas says of himself, that is ten percent Jewish. Circulates in the body and blood of Arab and Egyptian ancestors, she is a Muslim. "I am a human Gaza Strip - conflicts between my European and Arab parts cease, my genetic code of me almost inevitably made ​​nomad," says Natacha Atlas.

This year Trutnov Open Air Festival will be ethnically richer than it is normally. "We want to demonstrate that that of nationality, nobody had anybody throw from nowhere, retracted a judge. Natacha nor will anyone of our wigwams and the festival camp for expelling its origin, but on the contrary - we, together with the rhythm of the dance into the early dawn and enjoy the great music with its blending of musical styles from east to west, "enjoying the organizers.

Palm Reader

In the spirit of traditional disparate and diverse dramaturgy Czech Woodstock, which stand side by side bands, which are often on the same stage hardly met Natacha Atlas complement crisp rhythms young band Palm Reader, arisen from the dark depths of the British hardcore scene. Like last year, Hawk Eyes, and these guys come from the stable of Foo Fighters. "Unlike Natacha Atlas with ethno Arab and North African music vibrate Palm Reader skin on our wigwams their hardcore riffs. Yes, those are the connecting bridges, "say the organizers of Geronimo's tribe.

Palm Reader, winner of several awards, recently released debut album Bad Weather. Brand hardcore in their case was described as "excellentcore". The vocals of singer Josh McKeown are harsh and fluctuating melodies can feel almost vocal strain. There is no sense of monotony, no feeling of déjà vu. It is a collection of songs with heavy smashing good whacking. Palm Reader have in them in the right quantities and at the right moment, everything. Their musical influences are exposed, but in shapes that have become their own. This is their debut welcome addition to the music scene. Fast and hard. As it should be.

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