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Top 10 activities, which can destroy lives daily!

Top 10 activities, which can destroy lives daily! Online version of the English newspaper Daily Mirror published a list of seven offenses which daily threaten our health. We often do not realize that they no longer automatically experienced acts may not be consistent with what we actually should do. Our editorial them adds three more that are just as dangerous.

First Frequent showering

Modern man is according to scientists too uptight about hygiene. Once they all walked the mind, that they should shower several times a day. Today it is no longer business as usual. Some have even not enough for two stays under water, the bathroom has come because of their own feelings more than once. But it can completely destroy your skin. The influence of the hot water loses its natural moisture resistance and, increasingly dry and then because it becomes more sensitive, not to mention that the shower gels and shampoos regularly destroying sebaceous fine film that forms on your skin, as a natural protection from the outside environment.

Second Eight hours of sleep

Again, it is just a myth nowadays. The body is the best rest during the first two hours of sleep. Normally you at reasonable daily stress enough four hours of such rest. If you think that the organism within eight hours more rest, you're wrong. You on the other hand feel even more tired. Ideally, it should be six to seven hours, and you should go to sleep around midnight. When you come to fatigue during the day, treat yourself to a quarter or half an hour in bed strength will be back again.

3rd Rinsing the mouth after cleaning teeth

Toothpastes have in its composition many representatives who later protects against bacteria that are the result of tooth decay and odor. But the effect of destroying one very easy step - if, after washing rinse the mouth with water. With the remnants of paste is wash with a protective substance. To make the cleaning of teeth not only an aesthetic benefit, you should follow this ritual: First, wash the surface classically paste the remnants of spit and a half hours following consume or drink anything. Then you can have breakfast and after eating a dip mouth mouthwash.

4th Long sitting on the toilet

You belong to the group of people who go to the bathroom taking with him a good book or magazine? If so, they quickly get rid of this habit. In the smallest room of the apartment you should just spend the necessary time to carry out needed. Too long sitting is not natural to the rectum and may lead you to gastroenterologickým problems. This is the most frequent hemorrhoids that are very easy to just suffer psychological long-term residence in the toilet.

5th Excessive household cleaning

Hygiene is increasingly shifting to a higher level. When we look at how our ancestors once lived, just shake their heads at the filth in what proved to be. But even today is a no win, if it s very clean tearing round. By removing the front of your surroundings all bacteria, you can not build resistance to them. Not to mention that the use of so many chemicals can very easily arrive to such asthma. Cleanliness is super, but instead of the daily washing of floors, you just repeat it every three days. A spray to remove dust, use only once a week, the remaining portion will suffice ordinary duster.

6th Improper breathing

Children naturally from birth to the rhythm of breathing. However, as we age, so getting some worse way scooping fresh air. Properly you should do deep breaths into the abdomen. However, we do short breaths to chest. However, everything can change very quickly. Just for at least five minutes a day to focus on the right activities. Put your hand on your stomach and see if you are breathing correctly. In the course of minutes you should repeat 12 to 20 breaths at shorter intervals. Gradually discussed this for granted and to assist you in the can and yoga.

7th Resting after eating

Definitely you should obey the orders of all fitness trainers about you after eating falling into bed, but would rather indulge in a little movement. Once you lay down, the food starts to change in much of the fat. It is advisable, therefore, to go after drinking at least twenty-minute walk, which helps with digestion in old age. The biggest meal of the day you put in the part when you have the most activity.

8th Daily cleaning ears

The Seven of England adding three more tips from our editorial staff. Frequent cleaning of the ears supports sebum. In this case, the same rule applies as with daily washing hair and maštěním. If you have an uneasy feeling dirty ears, it is really just a feeling. In fact, you just wipe them two or three times a week. When cleaning, be sure to stick with did not go too deep as you risk damaging the eardrum and subsequent inflammation of the ear. You should not use when it freely available to improve their cleaning spray. This operation is only one doctor in the office, you do it only can irritate the inner ear and thus lead to problems.

9th Using large amounts of cosmetics

In fact, you would be satisfied with a simple soap, shower gel, one cream, toothpaste and shampoo. The rest is very good business cosmetic industry. If you want to indulge in other products, be sure to do it in an exaggerated degree. The body needs to breathe, make it beautiful. More like masks, balms, scrubs will help the gifts of nature. All use in moderation and see how the body will reward you.

10th Breakfast without drinks

During the night you in the stomach and digestive tract accumulate various bacteria. You need to wash up in the morning and prepare the body to receive food. You should always have a ready cup still water or freshly brewed herbal tea that you properly start, therefore, your stomach on food intake. Never nesnídejte without having to drink at least glasses of water. Until, of course, does not drink coffee that fasting stomach even more damage.

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