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Sexually transmitted diseases threaten the fertility of men and women

The disease is spread by sexual contact is the most common cause of doctor visits. Sexually transmitted diseases are not just a momentary problem, but it can have serious consequences, including infertility. Can be especially dangerous if they are not adequately treated.

Diseases of love

Among sexually transmitted infections include:
genital warts (caused by human papillomavirus)
herpes infection
chlamydial infection,
syphilis (syphilis)
gonorrhea (gonorrhea)
Soft ulcer, HIV / AIDS,
viral hepatitis B.

Risk for Men

In the case of untreated gonorrhea in men is possible that there is inflammation of the testicles and surrounding tissues (epididymis). It can lead to obstruction of the urinary genital tract, which in turn blocks the passage of sperm. A similar picture could arise after an untreated chlamydial infection, but this is fortunately rare. More frequent problem arising in chlamydial disease disruption in sperm, which may lead to male infertility. Similarly, the ability of sperm to fertilize an egg spontaneously threatened by some viruses, most commonly herpes.

Ladies in Danger

For women, the issue is a little bit complicated, because they are often not particularly infections do not show, and the woman is not obliged to consult a doctor and begin appropriate treatment. Most fertility threaten chlamydial infection and gonorrhea. Both of these diseases are often asymptomatic, and the two can result in pelvic inflammatory disease. It is most often manifested by inflammation of the fallopian tubes (as well as the uterus and ovaries). Disease leaving behind scar tissue that can lead to ectopic pregnancy or threatened complete closure of both fallopian tubes and female infertility.

How to avoid these diseases

The only one hundred percent protection is not having sex.
During sexual intercourse, use a condom, especially if you have more than one partner.
Reduce the number of sexual "objects", it is best to have only one. However, in order for this to work as a prevention against infection, the same must apply to your partner.
Choose your sexual counterparts carefully.
Let the test. If in doubt, do not risk transmitting the disease to others.
Do not drink large amounts of alcohol or take drugs before having sex. Influenced less likely that you will ensure safety during intercourse.
Learn about the possible symptoms of sexually transmitted diseases and actively browse not only himself, but also for their partners.

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