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People in Need: After the flood is seriously affected over 1,500 families

People in Need: After the flood is seriously affected over 1,500 families Team Coordinators flood of People in Need in flooded villages found that damaged homes, more than originally estimated. "According to current findings, in living rooms flooded more than 1,500 families and this number will probably grow up to two thousand affected households," says Flood Team PIN George Velenský.

Information about vytopených households People in Need (PIN) obtained directly from the affected communities and share them with all who are involved to help. Most villages are affected by coordinators primarily in the Ústí region, Litoměřická and Melnik. Only in the Ústí region had been found PIN heat a house in the living rooms of more than 1,000 families. People in Need vyplaveným sends humanitarian aid. The second phase will assist with the restoration of damaged concrete homes, the need for people to be collected by trained field workers.

People in Need would like to offer assistance thousand flooded homes. "Clearance of people now still perceive the situation as well, because many of them are about firefighters and volunteers. For two to three weeks to finish the first cleaning, but will the situation themselves and will have to start to repair their homes, "says George Velenský." This phase will need our help, because contributions from the state to help certainly not enough, " he added.

Coordinators of People in Need (PIN) will soon act in the most affected communities. "How many families will be able to effectively help very much depends on the development of public collections. If we can not gather enough funds, we will only help the worst affected people or offer less assistance to households, "said George Velenský with the fact that, according to data from previous floods, PIN, for example, the effective help 1,000 families needed about 40 million.

Most affected PIN wants to offer effective assistance

People in Need hits you in the sixth and floods in identifying households uses a sophisticated methodology that seeks to divide the fairest help those most affected households. "We can contribute across the board in the form of compensation for flooding. We see our role rather that contribute most affected and offer assistance in their budget will play an important role, "said George Velenský.

People in Need will contribute primarily to purchase equipment internal vytopených apartments and houses such as furniture, washing machines, cookers, kitchen and reconstruction of buildings such as new plaster and wiring, replacement of flooded doors and windows, new flooring, wall repairs and improvements statics . In the most severe cases when it is necessary to order the demolition, we will consider a contribution to building a new house. We will always provide assistance on specific plans for reconstruction of housing and basic equipment.

"A gift is always bound as the new floor and plaster or purchase kitchen, equipped children's room, and the like. In severe cases, we come back to the house and check the use of the gift. When utilized properly, can, if necessary, to produce a second contribution, "said George Velenský.

When deciding on the amount of assistance is an important measure of damage to property, financial options for home rehabilitation, social and health conditions of people flooded. Basically, those who are worst off, they get the most support. "Typical example might be a family with children, where the wife is on maternity leave and the man has to support his family while earning enough money for house renovation. Another case may be retirees without savings that do not qualify for a loan to purchase equipment destroyed. Each case will be assessed individually and all gifted family visit you, "said George Velenský.

The first families will receive donations in July

Financial assistance to families begins PIN split in July. Every family had visits by field workers with her ​​fills out the questionnaire and the specific help then decide Flood Commission of People in Need. "Intensive work to help after the floods will take at least three months and in the coming months we will be dořešovat the most serious cases and with every affected family individually, "says George Velenský. During the last major floods in 2010, for example, PIN provided a financial contribution in the range of 5 to 200 thousand households in 1049.

At the same PIN is still helping with humanitarian aid for individual municipalities in Kolin, Trutnov, Mělnicku, Litoměřická, Ústí nad Labem and Prague and its surroundings. In the first phase of the community most in need shovels, rollers, brooms, gloves, buckets, rags or disinfectants. "For their help People in Need has spent millions of crowns. Half a million provided by Friends of People in Need, another half a million were used from the flood account, "says George Velenský, with the material assistance provided by several companies, such as dm markt drogrerie. Firms TPCA, Hyundai, Skoda or Hertz us again loaned free cars. The transfer of materials helps DSV, trucking Michael Měřička or Gebrüder Weiss. With the coordination of volunteers really helps project .

Aid PIN during the floods in Kolin

More help a person in distress is very dependent on how much money we manage to gather the flood account. In collecting funds to help individual households significantly help companies and there are also new trends. "Compared to previous years, companies have large far more employee contributions. Example, employees shop MALL.CZ with each selected during the week of the flood account PIN over a million crowns , "says the fundraising department PIN Thomas Vyhnálek.

Czech Television and Czech Philharmonic Orchestra will hold charity concert

Vodafone again except půlmilionového gift and employee contributions will add up to Sunday each donor sent SMS from Vodafone 30 crowns. Retail chains Billa and Penny decided to devote the flood account million. Actively contribute to help the flood victims decided and Czech TV with Czech Philharmonic. CT on Wednesday, 26 June live at CT2 from 20 hours broadcasted benefit concert whose proceeds will be donated to a public collection of People in Need.

The collection will be able to involve the audience by sending a text message donations during the evening. The concert program, which will play Czech Philharmonic Orchestra under the baton of Jiri Belohlavek, the symphonies of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Dvořák.

This year's floods are often compared with previous floods. Therefore, here are some numbers. In 2002, People in Need in the first seven working days of the public collection gathered 54,499,311 crowns, during the floods in 2009 for the same period of the flood account met 42,539,443 crowns in August 2010 PIN on the seventh business day of the flood Collection had 16,346,090 crowns. This year we had the very same day on account collections 22,800,000 crowns.

DMS has become just one form of contribution

"DMS ratio of the total amount of selected dramatically decreases. Example, this year we sent people far DMS in the value of 800,000 crowns, while the account was attended by over 22.8 million crowns. In 2009, we at the same time through DMS raised over 13.4 million and in 2010, we at the same time obtain the DMS over 1,880,000 crowns, "says the fundraising department PIN Thomas Vyhnálek." Electronic banking is today, thanks to smart mobile phones much easier and DMS has become just one of the tools, how can people on account contribute, "explains Thomas Vyhnálek ​​decline.

Public collection SOS Floods 2013 PIN opened on Sunday 2 June. So far, met her at 24, 6 million. PIN while the immediate flood victims released 500,000 crowns from the fund's Club of Friends of People in Need. On my web page prepared PIN SOS Floods in 2013 with all the useful contacts and reference for households affected by the floods.

Author: Peter Štefan, media coordinator
Photo: Alice Rybářová, DSV
Source: tz PIN

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