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With the arrival of warm weather, choose rather accelerated vaccination schedule

You may have vaccination against tick-borne encephalitis for themselves or their children still putting off, it was still enough time for windows frigid winter weather and spring together with tick in sight. However, the situation changed rapidly: true now ruled out spring, so there is unfortunately a real risk of contracting diseases that carry "awakening" ticks.

If you do not want to spend the whole summer season for fear of infection, get vaccinated even now: with an accelerated vaccination schedule can make it very quickly.

What is an accelerated vaccination schedule?

When vaccination in accelerated schedule a second dose of vaccine administered as early as 14 days after the first dose (the basic scheme is for one to three months). Playing a third dose is then no longer the same for both schemes, ie 5-12 months after the second dose. Accelerated schedule is especially recommended for use during the ongoing season ticks when you need reliable induce immune protection as quickly as possible.

Within two weeks after the second dose are reliably protected

To create sufficient levels of antibodies and thus immunity is sufficient two dose vaccination encephalitis. Although the formation of antibodies takes time, however, the vast majority of people is sufficient immunity created within 14 days of the filing of the second vaccine. Since the submission of the first and second dose also pass two weeks, you can be in four weeks from the first visit to a doctor before klíšťovkou perfectly protected.

Choose contribution to your insurance company

Before you go to the doctor to let themselves or their children vaccinated in the accelerated schedule, check out more on the internet, which offers financial contribution will your insurance company. For example, the General Health Insurance Company offers its clients a single dose of vaccine for free, which means the maximum contribution of 750 crowns. Vaccination against tick-borne encephalitis in their prevention programs but also support other health insurers.

If you have already completed the basic vaccination, be sure to need regular booster dose. This is the first booster carried out after three years, then at each other for five years (older than 60 years, after three years).

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