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Try the oldest recipes for iced tea

Ice Tea, who is now known. On hot summer days come to taste. There are sweetened and due to its delicate fruity flavor and a pleasant temperature perfectly refreshing. Where are your roots and differ from those of the first recipes that we know?

The earliest mention of iced tea variant can be found in English and American cookbooks from the early 19th century. Prepared from green tea and served with a liqueur. They were called "punches". Drinks acquire the names of important personalities, such as "Regent's Punch," named after the English king George IV.

Would you like iced black tea or green?

The popularity of ice tea rose with the invention of refrigerators and freezers - in the USA were routinely extended from the mid-19th century. The earliest printed recipe for iced tea comes from 1879.
"Once it starts to boil water in a kettle, pour one liter and put it into 2 heaping tablespoons of green tea. If someone wants to iced tea for dinner, prepare breakfast around him. At the time dinner pot strain into a jug, mix anything. Let it stand and then pour into the carafe. Residue from tea remains at the bottom of the jar. Fill the glass with ice, add 2 tablespoons of sugar into each of them and zalejte tea. Season with lemon juice - drink because it will be fresher and healthier. "

In 1884, the first published recipe for iced tea, which was the basis for green tea, but black. At the same time together with this new information emerged that they know iced tea in Russia - was called "Russian tea" - in the summer the Russians gave to hot drinks instead of sugar cubes.

In the early 20th century, people began to prefer iced tea from black tea instead of green, thanks to relatively cheap imports of high quality black teas from India, Ceylon, South America and Africa. In cafes Costa Coffee can even taste the iced tea, which is based on herbal tea - specifically mint complete with licorice root. Delicious taste in combination with a raspberry flavor. But certainly not go wrong if you let him mix and be a peach or lemon.

Iced teas help the World's Fair

A breakthrough in the history of ice tea came in 1904. In ST. Luis was outstanding World's Fair, and it was unreal hot, people refused to drink hot drinks. The taste and came just iced tea, which started offering the East Indian Pavilion.

Due to lack of interest in hot drinks took pavilion director Richard Blechynden bottle full of warm Indian tea and put the cap down. Tea then flowed through ice tubes which it cooled. After the World's Fair offered free of charge "new drink" people in a shopping center in New York. From that moment it became iced tea "full" cool drink, whose popularity began to spread rapidly.
The popularity of ice tea also increased with the American Prohibition (1920-1930), because people had to find an alternative for beer, wine and other alcohol.

Inspired by it or taste in coffee

The standard for making iced tea has become a recipe from a cookbook from 1928 (Southern Cooking by Mrs. Henrietta Stanley Dull).
"Tea pour freshly boiled water and gradually increase steeping 3-5 minutes, then remove the tea leaves. In principle must be iced tea stronger, because it still adds ice. The most popular is a moderate tea extract a good mixture of black tea. Green and black tea are drunk rather hot. After tea we match, remember that it will still be mixed with ice - sweeten it a little more rather than adding sugar to the classic hot tea. Stir mixture with ice cubes, season with lemon and garnish with a sprig of mint, strawberries, cherries, pineapple or orange slice. "

Nowadays it is possible to brew tea, which is the basis for iced tea, only half a minute, like they do in coffee shops such as Costa Coffee.

"Balanced taste and aroma of tea can only be achieved during steeping for 30 seconds. Such a short extraction of tea to get the best we can, "explains Eva Jeřábková, Costa Coffee Training Manager for Czech Republic." Base prepared from green tea, black or mint aftertaste then one of the favorite flavors - raspberry, peach or lemon. Reward you with a fresh fruit flavor coupled with the subtlety of tea and ice cubes that perfectly satisfy your taste buds. "

Author: Sarka Pelcová

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