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New Town Prague tip

The rainy spring this year at each kept waiting. A summer is around the corner. Ideal for walks and trips and a pleasant evening or weekend experience we can meet even directly in the center of Prague. Above the park at Charles Square rises to a height of seventy meters Tower New Town Hall and offers an unusual view of the whole city.

History of the New Town Hall began soon after the founding of New Town by Charles IV. in 1348 and became a silent witness to all sorts of events across the known first Prague defenestration in 1419 or dramatic fire in the year of 1559. It used to be the seat of the criminal and provincial court to prison. In the courtyard of the executions took place - the last time during the Nazi occupation. The last prisoner was briefly Milady Horakove. Total reconstruction of the New Town Hall took place twenty years at the end of the last century and today serves the citizens of Prague and its visitors to experience culture and wedding ceremonies.

Tower with 221 steps, completed in 1456, has long failed to fulfill the purpose of fire guardhouse. In the former apartment jailer, who had reported the danger bell is now opened a permanent exhibition on the history of the New Town, the town hall and the adjacent Charles Square. It represents the oldest Prague panorama that captures the appearance of Prague from the high ground bordering a Prague basin. The exhibition consists of copies of historical engravings from the archives of the Museum of the City. Prague. One of the best views are just opens the tower gallery. Tower in the gallery now reflects a remarkable exhibition of the dark depths of happiness through paintings, sculptures and photographs eternal balance of power in the universe. On holidays is going under the auspices of the Mayor. Prague exhibition Generation colors or hay and grass: in the tower in the courtyard mázhauzu and will display the works of their own and stepchildren of members of one family.

The exhibition takes place in other areas of the town hall. It's called Season of the square is the New Town Hall Gallery in its unusual geometric collages and compositions, inspired by the classic Chinese work of the painter Ladislav Janiga. Life in alpine conditions on the border of Pakistan closer to the planned photographic exhibition K2 - Mountain of Mountains "Diamant Karakoram".

In the 2nd floor of the hall is a very long-term success Invisible exhibition about the world of blind people. What is it like to live without sight, through which one gets the most information? After the unforgettable hours in total darkness, where shall be governed solely by touch, hearing, smell and sense of balance, and pass a visible part of the exhibition and interviews with completely or partially sighted guides about their lives and their mission-critical friends, helpers and eyes in one - assistance guide dogs.

Lovers of classical music will make several concerts in formal areas of the Great Hall, the walls adorned remains of wall paintings from the 16th century. Until the end of August will be the third edition of the New Town Summer Festival, which will feature the "dance rhythms in the classics." Musical experience will also Spanish choir Antara Korai as a guest children's choir jingle bell or another in a series of concerts of chamber orchestra "Symphony Prague" this time with M. Vilímcem. Charles New Town Hall remembers the music, which originated in, concert Spinato intorno al Cor performed by the Norwegian vocal-instrumental ensemble currentes. The courtyard will be held in July one of the concerts of the festival "Jazz Bridge", which this year will be built from Prague to Schwetzingen ..

At the end of June, fans can listen to literary evenings of readings during a guest poet Jaroslav Holoubek - Dagmar Sedlická poet and novelist Lubos Palat accompanied by music performed - Jan Burnt TRIO.

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