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Complaints of unwanted shipments increasing

Ordering goods for 199 CZK, but followed by delivery of the consignment to the call for payment of the amount of CZK 1,100 and the promise of sending additional packages. Thus, consumers describe the practices of some mail order businesses. Complaints again increasing.

Customers usually complain about the fact that although products ordered, of course, thinking that they can get only one shipment. About subsequently sent the goods are no longer interested. "First of all, we recommend that consumers thoroughly review the order and what it indicates," emphasizes Head of the Legal Advisory dtest Luke Green.

Under the Civil Code, the consumer is not obliged to return the goods sent to it by the supplier without orders. If a customer does not order anything, he can keep the goods and pay it. Unsolicited goods and subsequent recovery of payments for them is also forbidden aggressive business practices. "Problem some mail order businesses lies in the fact that the order of subsequent shipments shall While the information but very well hidden," says Luke Green. This is a typical procedure for companies such as Czech coin shop, on whose malpractice dTest previously been warned.

Businessman on a leaflet or the inside of the envelope indicating the fine print, the client agrees to be included in the "collector's service". The customer must keep an eye on whether the claim agrees, and if not, is struck out. "Such a maneuver is at least incorrect, we correctly predicted the opposite approach," said Luke Green and advises: "If the consumer does not want to be bothered sending the goods and the recovery of remuneration for it is advisable to contact in writing to the sender. "

Consumers who feel harmed by acts of mail order shops, can contact the hotline dtest 299 149 009, or use the sample letters "Refusal sending neobjednaného goods 'and' request to remove personal data from database" to get the / neobjednanezbozi .

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