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Stairs (ex-NPSDB) has a new clip and celebrates 30 years

Stairs (ex-NPSDB) has a new clip and celebrates 30 years Year after lyrical visual interpretation of the song Stairway Sázava is the second video from the album capitalizes Solutions (2011). These include funny writer with a wry text is that the audience spontaneously enjoyed before the album came out .. - "It's a visual thing with different at first imperceptible Fork, graduating along with the music," explains author of the song and video, bandleader Vráťa magnesium.

In two clips of magnesium to the previous CD Dance was the central figure and the only frontman Doctor Krajíček, last Sázava played a rag Moran and kapelníkovy children. Now joined the stairs. "I do not like a hundred times penetrating ways in which lighting musicians with the tools they put into an abandoned factory halls, sometimes začoudí, something will break or burn in slow motion and if it is to be art, so black and white. At best, the band stand in the snow in winter or at night in secret bushes, in which the blows and artistically flashes. That at us safe. In winter, do not play in the dark and afraid, "comments the author.

At least the space of seven member band got in the video rendition of the song I'm not a drummer Pája Táboříková. This is because it occupies a major role in the next video for the song Flats planned for autumn.


Autumn is the staircase but primarily by the third round bars. Terse mix of songs from the most famous period (around nasliněnej album index finger and crap pržola), the greatest writers of předloňských solution several farrowed, historical pieces in today's coats - this is the program for 2013. Spring concerts in Poličce, Dobris Beřkovice landed an excellent job in the summer, the tour moves to the outdoor scenes (Jamrock, Chotěmice, Celtic night ...). The main part of the celebration falls in the autumn, will become the centerpiece of a spectacular party with guests of the date of Wednesday, 16.10 and locations Prague Akropolis.

This will be followed by performances:
10.18 Rychnov Jablonec, KD
25.10 Svitavy, club Tyjátr
26.10 Strunkovice nad Blanici, KD
15.11 Pardubice, submarine club
16.11 Cologne, MSD (+ hundred animals)
11.30 Czech Budejovice, Slavia
4.12 Sedlčany, club


Today Stairs plays with passion and commitment; ahead for its unparalleled style lectures Doctor Krajíček, which as a beacon of September frontman position from the very beginning, the whole band drums girls woman forward with dynamite punch, it's fun, it's a ride.
In recent years occurred in concert welcome balance when it does not address most of that century that the song is. Some fans still reacts violently to the older hits, while the second, larger, longer jumps above all to the beat and I will festivalovek old woman with wavy or the bogeyman performed drummer solders Táboříkové (it would be a sin not to use her singing and potential).

Stairs like going back "home". After all, why not, when four of the seven current members remember the golden era NPSDB on which fundamentally contributed to data interpretation and authorship. It is, the young section and the result is harmony packed with joy, that has a piece of the "good old staircase", but also fresh air and the greater involvement of the instruments for the band so characteristic of (clarinet, accordion, saxophone).
During the five years of playing together and several focus group rallied as seven little family ... They are now solutions of their own life and Stairs happily cruising music "sea" is a commemorative program to mark the anniversary worthy.

Stairs: a biography

The band mostly performs regularly at clubs and festivals across the country, in 30 years of existence, played over a thousand concerts. First, the chvostě new wave eighties as a precursor to today's ska, then pause after the Velvet absorbing and retaining more and more influence, step by step to become one of the popular domestic club bands.
Definitively confirmed this board index finger nasliněnej (1997), hogging Pržola (2001), later wet laundry (2005). After reducing the original name and replacing three members are tensioned sails again (in 2007 came more Lines of Action Dance), continues in an endless voyage after Czech stages, energetic and full.

Live DVD To rokenrooool?! (Nominated for DVD of the year in a poll Ladder) and especially the latest row cd Solutions (2011) show that forces a taste of the band more than ever. This is confirmed by the young audience on the frontlines auditorium, which with survivors of flavors will dance on the news (I will not, old woman) as well as proven beyond all certainty as poetry, at four in the morning or pouches CSA.

Stairs enough to hear, it must also be seen. Genre margin gained new dimensions, once attributed to mold a pub šraml, reggae and ska are no longer decisive. The group with the lightness of musical styles takes everything it comes across, to eventually always humbly returned to the song, but clad in colorful jacket. A particularly bearing original texts, which equates Stairs music folder. Slightly sarcastic, black-humorous and touching, experienced or imagined, grinding in the waters of everyday pettiness and size of what you yourself live.

Stairs: Report

Singer Martin Doktor Krajíček (since 1983) - face band frontman, a founding member up the stairs and down a bunch of stairs lifetime burden.
Saxophonist Vladimir Cihelka (since 1985), bassist Wroclaw magnesium (since 1986), accordionist Miroslav Klima (since 1987) - creative core since the early NPSDB.
Clarinetist Jaromír Linhart (2005) - Old New reinforcements from allied Redbeard.
Guitarist Ondřej Fencl (since 2007) and drummer Pája Táboříková (since 2008) - Young blood, breath of fresh air. Without them, the staircase was not what it is today. Without them, the staircase was not.

Source: tz , photo to tz Karel Šuster

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