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Icelandic Sigur Rós issued a new album called Kveikur

Icelandic Sigur Rós issued a new album called Kveikur Icelandic band Sigur Rós, which is one of the stars of this year's festival Colours of Ostrava (July 18 to 21), released a new album, which he called Kveikur, or in translation wick candles. It's their seventh plate contains nine songs and the first time on indie label XL Recordings.

Sigur Rós recently experienced another premiere - the first time the cartoon characters were in The Simpsons and also recorded in style The series title track.

The first reactions to the new album suggest that it is a very successful enterprise, its distinct dark harsher tone of the previous album. This is confirmed by the members themselves, such as bassist Georg Holm to Digital Spy said: "The new album we had done differently, differently ... it was the only thing we said at the beginning. The payoff came alone, we wrote songs quickly and we enjoyed it. "Album came in a trio (Jón Þór Birgisson, Georg Holm and Orri Páll Dýrason), after the departure of longtime keyboardist Kjartan Sveinsson. The magazine Q frontman Jon Birgisson added to the character boards: "After leaving Kjartan goes back to basics. Our last album was a total pop music. It is now more emphasis on drums and bass are more aggressive, attacking you. "And for the same magazine Georg said:" At the beginning, Kjartan we did not know what would happen. It will work only three? The band gained slightly different dynamics, we went out of our comfort zone. The more energy but we felt that we were creating something new. "

For web Digital Spy band members also confirmed that the offer to edit the title song Simpsons thrilled because show everyone will love. And when they learned that it also appears, he thought that "the left is nothing more than to retire." That Sigur Rós in income is not counted and that the best concert bands on the planet, as evidenced by the enthusiastic feedback on the current tour, in July assess the visitors of the festival Colours of Ostrava.

(Official Lyric Video)
Live 2013

Colours of Ostrava

The main stars of the festival apart from Sigur Rós (Iceland) belongs Jamie Cullum (UK), The xx (UK), The Knife (Sweden), Tomahawk (USA), Damien Rice (Ireland), Bonobo (UK) Asaf Avidan (Israel) , Woodkid (France), Dub FX (Australia), Devendra Banhart (U.S.) Tiken Jah Fakoly (Ivory Coast), Roki Traoré (Mali) or Inspiral Carpets (UK).

For example, home then Tata Bojs, Radůza, grain, Vojtěch Dyk & B-Side Band bandleader Josef Buchta, formica, flowers, Marketa Irglova, Prague selection, Sunflower Caravan, Annette Langer, Portless, The Prostitutes, Luna, The Pipes and Pints, Xindl X, Forest animals, Wanastowi Vjecy, Kieslowski, Vaclav Havelka III, kittchen, odeur de Violettes, Black Tar Jesus, Rouilleux, J, My Name is Ann, Wild Tides, Insert cat or Bara Zmeková (winner 1MAN2PLAY).

On 11 scenes will total over 200 points program - in addition to bands from around the world of theater, films, discussions, workshops, DJs and party like.

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