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Summer tip: What shoes to pack the children on holiday

Time for summer holidays and children's camps is fast approaching. One of the most important factors for their leisurely spend the appropriate shoes, especially for your children. Child's foot is sweating more than adults, so care must be taken to select quality material.

What shoes to children on holiday to pack and what materials to choose from, it will advise the following article.

Tip 1: One pair of shoes is not enough

On holiday by the sea or on the camp children simply taking one pair of shoes. In addition to summer sandals, slippers and boots to water them wrap a versatile sports shoes that will work in sports and outdoor walks. "To walk in the woods or along a rough surface is very suitable for kids boots. This gives the leg a stable support and prevents ankle sprain during impact. At the same time the shoe should be lightweight and cushioning the foot unnecessarily child not bother, "she Jolana Nemcova Moleda of the company producing comfortable children shoes Prestige for sport and leisure. Important role of material midsole and outsole." Suitable as a two-component polyurethane coating, which absorbs the wear strength. Footwear should also be practical and easy to clean, "added Nemcova, with the perfect natural leather material with polyurethane film, which allow easy maintenance.

Tip 2: No socks only natural materials

Sweltering summer months are encouraged to postpone socks and shoes worn on bare feet. Keep in mind, however, that children's feet perspire more than an adult. I open shoes such as sandals, so choose natural materials as leather insole which absorbs moisture. Beware of artificial materials in which the child's foot sweat very quickly. This leads to the growth of bacteria and mold or bruises and blisters. On an artificial surface that easily glides foot and footwear becomes unstable. If your child's feet perspire heavily, teach him to wear cotton socks and regularly exchange so that the foot remains dry. Also enclosed shoes, the child in summer wear should be permeable materials. It is best to natural leather, which absorbs moisture and is able to adapt to the anatomical shape of the foot.

Tip 3: Frequent changing of shoes is necessary

Teach children to vary the shoes, depending on what physical activity in front of them. Get kids shoe with thin soles suitable for short walks, stable and sturdy shoes in mountainous terrain as well as light and airy sandals to the water. Where there is no risk of injury from sharp objects or broken glass, let them run around barefoot. Children and adults have the habit of long-term wear one pair of comfortable shoes. However, if the foot becomes accustomed to these shoes, they do not develop into shape, because the muscles are not accustomed to work. Experts call this syndrome called lazy feet. The various types of footwear is therefore often necessary to rotate, which also applies to summer vacation.

Tip 4: Give children walking barefoot

Walking barefoot is healthy for the entire musculoskeletal system and strengthens muscles. Forced to work inside the motion structure of the body that normally do not engage step. Therefore have their children run around outside barefoot. For example, if you are planning a holiday by the sea, walk with children on soft surfaces such as grass, sand or rounded pebbles. "Walking barefoot along the shingle prescribe the physical difficulties also doctors. Erratic shape of pebbles stimulates foot the entire musculoskeletal system. The surface is varied, the more muscle to be involved in maintaining balance and feet and manage evolving, "said Jolana Nemcova Moleda of companies that offers special orthopedic test children's shoes.

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