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Intricacies of the contracts of new operators

New virtual operators to allow Czech consumers greater choice of telecommunications services often reasonable prices. Their business conditions, however, are not always so favorable.

Terms telecom operators are described as incomprehensible and confusing. Unfortunately, even new operators in this situation did introduce change; deceit and obscurity to rule on par with their older colleagues. "Virtuálové" bring a variety of charges, many hidden penalties or interest for late payment. "The most surprised by illegal arbitration clause in Ha-loo mobile" says Miloš gin, Legal Adviser magazine dTest and adds: "It may be legally concluded only under specific conditions and on a separate sheet, which are not met." Questionable are different reactivation fees, since it is in essence a penalty. They are valid if they are in writing. Most virtual operators but seeks to enter into contracts over the Internet, and therefore we can deduce their annulment.

Not all new operators have decided to go through transparent tenders. "Some menus Air Mobile, presented on the website operator U: fon can not be traced detailed price list, reporting on them, nor any of the original operators, which would have rented their network," says Borovicka and explains: "According to the available information is not a public service, but the club resale services. Order but requires familiarity with the prices and membership in the U: fon club, the terms of which are not on the web. "
Some pitfalls in business conditions and highlights grader mobile tariffs operated by Offers for which the customer does not find a pre-arranged and transparent information to the graders are not included.

Lawyers dtest also focused on the length commercial terms. "Already last year dTest pointed out that the documents to contracts with mobile operators CITA hundreds of characters and is very difficult to keep up. New operators in this respect are friendlier to customers, as it is supplying reading in the range from thirty to seventy-four thousand characters, "explains gin.
Comparison of all offered services both old and new operators, including relevant provisions of the Treaties, is available at / tariffs .

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