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Signs are not everything, or how to survive in the health certificate

Time report is the culmination of the school year. Signs are considered to show the pupil and his parents, a reward for their effort and motivation to perform higher. "The marks on the report card is pinning high expectations. For many children, this is like a burden, which is hard to cope. Pupils can easily get the impression that the signs are not the main thing that parents care about, "says Hana Hoffmann Foundation of Sirius.

Every year, there is some sad cases, showing that some children are afraid of the reaction of parents to report too big ...

How best to handle this předprázdninový time, advises in collaboration with psychologists (Dr. and Dr. Václav Masáková. Jaromir Matousek) portal , senior counselor to families in trouble.

The basic idea on which we all agree is that marks are not everything. Ideally, when a child becomes "philatelist", ie stamp collector, but my joy when something new can learn to improve on something, something new to discover. Instead of checking pupils' books and bazírování the signs the certificate is a good day talk with the child - as just one day of school feel, interesting what happened, what was learned, what intrigued him ...

Other recommendations of the experts is: nehroutit of fives, but not overly uncertainties over the number one and most will try to return the child back to the inner motivation - as saying: "Here I see one, it means that by her teacher already listed words well can you ... How about you? Also, we're happy with how's it going? "

The main way child support is interested in what experiences, and do not use as an educational method for displaying child strong stress. "Especially at a time credentials are needed to demonstrate that the child we love for him alone, and marks with nothing to do, "says Hana Hoffmann Foundation of Sirius.

Tips for parents:
• Do not respond right away. If your child is angry, treat yourself and him time lag before you comment on the report.
• Evaluate what is on your child's report card can appreciate, even if it was one of behavior. Everyone does it.
• Do not compare your child with others. It may give the impression that you would instead like to have at home instead of someone else.

Tips for children who are afraid of the reaction of parents to the mark on the report card:
• A certificate with parents talk before you get him.
• If you have to report a worse mark than with numbered as parents, it is best to call ahead.
• Take the help of a person or another close relative.
• Not very good report shall be transmitted first parent who receives it probably quieter.
• Ask your parents for help. The phrase "Mom, Dad, I know I messed up / screwed up, and I want to improve" can help.
• If in doubt, it is possible to turn on one of the hotlines.

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