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Lucie Vondrackova / Ivana from Babovřesek: 'Who wanted art, went to Anna Karenina.'

Lucie Vondrackova / Ivana from Babovřesek: 'Who wanted art, went to Anna Karenina.' Lucie Vondrackova is not only a singer but also an actress. In the first part she played Babovřesek Ivan sister parish priest (Luke Langmajer). In the same spirit continues in two.

That's how she played, how she works with Zdenek debris and how they see any continuation, we moms annual Matthias and Tomas Plekanec hockey wife asked.

Lucy again after you filmed comedy sequel Zdenek Troška Babovřesky. How do you feel?
I was in Canada, I'm here now. At the premiere of the film I was. And I am happy that the audience took the time and went for a long time for something to cinema.

You last year said something to the effect that if the comedy will be successful and Zdeněk Troška will spin duo that go into it again. And you want to be number two, because you had the most amazing holiday. He fulfilled that dream with you?
So half. Much this year to shoot neohřeju, because while I go touring, but a few days will again certainly very nice!

Will your character in the Twin Ivany some development?

As far as love, so much. In love now swim another character ... but more reveal.

And the actress to you like this figure mean? Aligned you are with her ​​in some way?

There's no character of Desdemona or Chekhov. It does not solve any existential questions. That's me in my life I deal with enough, so I'm in leather like Ivana relief. Sometimes it's better and it will set you free.

What were the reactions after the Babovřesek in theaters near you from fans, family, etc.?
I think overall the film brought in such a long winter, cool summer mood and atmosphere. Who came to relax, I was satisfied and i need to come again. And who wanted art, went into the next room to Anna Karenina.

And some fellow actress, singer, envy you the ease when shooting with Zdenek debris and his team?
I would not say that. On each waiting for his type of role, and this was as painted for me. Other spinning again their stories ...

You sang with Pepa and central Vagner Love Songs with us is better. How much did the song take?
It is pleasant, summer, with no pretension. I gave her the CD and fire, for which I received the Gold plate, so she took perfectly. And as the song takes on, only time will tell. Maybe fear among the people really got after five years.

I wish you would again get a great summer and next year shoot Babovřesky III.?

It would be nice if i liked two. It depends on the audience.

Are you going back in the days off between takes to travel around South Bohemia, or going somewhere on vacation?
That's not going to. I did not do this or last year. In Netolice is so nice that we did not have to travel anywhere. And this year, I have no days off. I was on tour with Michael David, including in South Bohemia, Tabor and it was very nice. And part of the crew came to support us.

Winter are mostly spent with her ​​husband Tomas Plekanec and small Mathias in Canada, we have a spring, almost summer. What season do you prefer?
My favorite preparation for Christmas. Since January, I can not wait to come again in October ...

If by chance you do not have anything to look or should look like your ideal, like a relaxing day?
Swimming, books, barbecues, family, friends, fresh strawberries, or lie down on the grass and Mathias jumps on my head ...

Text: René Kekely
Source: Press Release

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