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History of Tobacco: From Indians to automata

Tobacco products now widespread throughout the world, not quite an accomplishment of modern times. Smoking tobacco leaves was practiced ancient Native American tribes who used them in their rituals. But, as it happened, that today you can easily pack of cigarettes take on almost every corner?

The Indians were smarter

Tobacco accounted for Indians, literally miraculous plant. In addition to applying for religious ceremonies were also popular for its healing abilities and applied to the body in the form of tiles or paste. Nowadays, on the contrary universally accepted rather harmful properties of tobacco. With these you but the Indians did not have to worry about that. Smoking tobacco leaves is performed only occasionally, and also swallowed the smoke.

He discovered America and tobacco

Extension of tobacco to Europe is responsible famous explorer Christopher Columbus, who was at the turn of the 15th and 16 monitoring century American Indians smoking directly enchanted. With the development of trade there was nothing to make the treacherous tobacco leaves meet people around the world.

Prison or castration

Almost immediately, however, in addition to tobacco supporters began after the extension to appear skeptical voices that use this plant in any form condemned. Soon it was smoking banned in many countries, under the threat of various penalties. In addition to excommunication from the Church of sinners also threatened castration, cutting off the nose, imprisonment or even the death penalty.

Automat to death

An important milestone in the history of tobacco end of the 19th century, when it was first designed machine for the manufacture of cigarettes. They began to be produced on a huge scale, has launched today the continuing epidemic of smoking. With the support of a strong advertising campaign, over the next two decades, the use of cigarettes increased sixfold. The disastrous health consequences of smoking, even though they have been for a long time from several sides cautioned convincingly confirmed to a large epidemiological study published in the middle of the last century.

Source: Smoking kouření.cz

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