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A sedentary lifestyle is harmful more than meets the eye

Individuals who spend most of the day without any major activities should pay attention. A new study suggests that the more time daily sedentary people, the greater their risk of chronic health problems - such as experts talk about cancer, diabetes or heart disease.


Researchers from Australia explained that these findings relate primarily to people working in the office all day, truck drivers and others who regularly spends most of the day sitting. To reduce the risk of chronic diseases, according to them this important session as such limit and move more. Active people, compared with less active because they have a lower risk of disease.

Warning to all

The study, which was held in Australia included over 63,000 men aged 45-65 years. These respondents were asked about their health - whether they have or do not suffer from any chronic disease, etc., and had asked how many hours a day they spend just sitting.

The results showed that men who regularly sits in on four hours or less, have a much lower risk of developing chronic diseases (cancer, diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure) than those who are sedentary more than four hours.
The Lords digestive chair at least six hours a day was a very high risk of developing diabetes.
Absolutely the greatest risk facing then everyone who spends sitting more than eight hours a day.
The amount of chronic diseases has grown in the investigated along with the time spent sitting.

It is not just that the people were not very active, but also that too much sitting. At the same time, the more time he spends so, the less they left him to physical activity. The authors finally note that it is not entirely clear whether the session leads to the development of chronic diseases, and it is quite the opposite.


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