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Return wild horses: score 12:0

Mares Barca, Jacinto, Spange and Lotusz ran out in the middle after midnight after less than thirty-five hours of arduous journey to the acclimatization enclosure at Prague Zoo Gobi B. transported in cooperation with the Army of the Czech Republic during three challenging movements in Mongolia has 12 horses.

Zoo Praha implements transports Przewalski horses to Mongolia since 2011. Then followed the activities organized by the 90th years of Western Europe, which ultimately stopped for financial reasons, although the need for new horses still persisted. Make the first Czech to transport Khomiin Talu had seemed presumptuous - after all, the chances of success of such a complex project are estimated to be very low. Not only all the way horses do, but one of the mares could have next year to breed and foal together with another is now pregnant again. Repeat such success was not easy, but we managed. Third time this year delivered the Zoo Praha four Przewalski horses in the Gobi B National Park

"We were provided with valuable experience from previous years, but we were very concerned that everything went according to plan. No serious complications and fortunately did not come all the way mares suffered well, "said zoo director and chief initiator of the project return wild horses, Miroslav Bobek." In three years we managed okay to Mongolia to transport for twelve horses. Imaginary score 12:0 is immense success and evidence of high professionalism of all those involved in these transports. "

The road from spreading in Lower Dobřejov lasted less than 35 hours, transport to Mogolska thus managed to place in record time. Half the time took the flight. Landing on unpaved surface in Bulgan sum total was 15.40 in local time. Boxes with mares were then translated onto trucks and transported over two hundred kilometers to the semi-desert acclimatization enclosure in the Gobi B National Park Journey through the land took more than seven hours.

The discharge was five minutes after midnight Wednesday. Along with Miroslav Bobek individual boxes also opened Ochiriin Dorjraa who had participated in the reintroduction of the 90 years and is still a major champion of conservation of Mongolia and a recognized expert on the Przewalski horse. Mares of transport crates ran very swiftly and immediately after release into acclimatization pens began to explore new environments

"Return to the wild Przewalski horses we took over from our predecessors, who last wild horses once got into Czechoslovakia, fed them, endeavored to save them from extinction and later spawned the idea of returning them to the wild. We continue the decades of effort. Continue their work and believe that the same is retained even those who come after us, "said Miroslav Bobek after discharge.

Mares now spends about half the year in the area of ​​large acclimatization enclosure and then be released into freedom.

The history, or reintroduction efforts on breeding Przewalski horses in the Prague zoo to see more / Prevalac and / Prevalac .

Source: tz Zoo Praha
Photo: Petr Jan Juračka and Miroslav Bobek, Zoo Praha

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