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This year's floods in the Czech Republic showed great solidarity among people

This year's June floods have affected a total of 6 counties and 970 municipalities them. Had to be evacuated approximately 19,000 residents. The humanitarian organization ADRA, the coordinators were present from the first hours in the affected areas, has seen a huge degree of solidarity between people.

During the first two weeks of flooding have signed nearly a thousand volunteers. In public collection declared by ADRA to date managed to collect 12.3 million CZK. ADRA in more than 40 municipalities distributed material aid for about 2.2 million CZK. Even when the water receded and the situation calmed down, many people still need support and some of them will deal with the consequences of flooding for many years.

Strengths are also stories of people when among themselves selflessly helped neighbors and relatives, but often until completely strangers. In a number of cities have organized a benefit concert to help the affected communities. "This year's floods have reaffirmed that the Czechs during natural disasters stick together and try to help them as the situation and permits, mostly in the form of financial or material assistance. Much is also for those who are willing to volunteer to go to the affected areas and help on the spot. This year we have an unprecedented extent met by the companies. Many companies provide finance in addition to material assistance, other logistics services, offering many sending their corporate volunteer teams, "says Josef cookie, main coordinator of emergency aid organization ADRA.

"Very impressed me as a great wave of solidarity this year's floods caused and how especially in villages, people help each other. Communities in the municipalities have managed many things to arrange and manage themselves - as needed each other to exchange material assistance, the information in all the responsive. Superbly involved volunteer firefighters who daily worked continuously for many hours and did an amazing job, "says Vit Vurst, coordinator of the aid organization ADRA in Kolin and Nymburk.

Quick help those who need it most

ADRA has chosen CZK 12.3 million, of which 1.313 million CZK through DMS. In 40 municipalities directed material assistance in the amount of CZK 2.2 million. ADRA financially support at least 500 families in Southern Bohemia, Litomerice Sedlčansko, cologne, Nymburk and around Prague. The funds are intended primarily for the reconstruction of housing, sanitation plaster and cleaning of drinking water.

Currently working in the affected communities outreach workers, who performs financial investigations in affected families. The first part of the funds will be released immediately vyplaveným families to drying and urgent home repairs, the other in the fall. "Families in flooded areas visited by field workers of the organization. Together they fill in a form with information about the house, the level of flooding, the financial situation of the family and accompanied by a proposal to use a specific post. All applications and assesses the special commission and use of the gift of hindsight check, "explains coordinator Josef Koláček.

People were better prepared for floods

The clear positive current flood was that the people they were much better prepared. In many municipalities significantly helped flood measures since the last flood managed to build. A significant shift was also evident in the work of NGOs. The largest of these, which help organize (ADRA, People in Need, Diakonia ECCB, Czech Red Cross, Caritas, Salvation Army), were able to effectively coordinate assistance to the split his time and worked very closely with mayors in municipalities. Benefit was also systematic cooperation in the period prior to this extraordinary event. The Ministry of Interior, a "Working Group on Volunteering in emergencies" and representatives of non-governmental organizations, local authorities and fire brigade as part of its activities to develop opportunities for joint coordination.

Psychologists help in the field

Removal škodPři floods this year in the field again worked psychologists and outreach workers providing psychosocial assistance. "This year's floods were different in the fact that people from my point of view the situation better managed than in 2002 or 2010. Then the flood caught unprepared. This year, they knew what to expect and were able to cope with it better, "says Eva Biedermanová, psychologist Fire and Rescue Service Central Region." Within three weeks we have in the Central Region provide psychosocial assistance to approximately 140 people. Each intervention was different, but in general it can be said that the affected have a need to share my story, to testify about what happened to them. Show where they had water, and how the whole situation perceived. Where were considered such as the demolition of the house, we tried to introduce them to various solutions, "adds Bidermanová.

Floods in numbers

Approximate number of persons to be evacuated from the beginning of the floods is 26,000, some for more than 10 days. Czech Insurance Association estimates the total amount of damages to 7.5 billion CZK. Floods damaged by MZ about 80 and about 900 water wells, 34,000 residents lost their source of drinking water. Flooding affected about 50,553 hectares of agricultural land and damage to agriculture is estimated at more than 3.3 billion CZK. At the state water management property damage estimated 2.2 billion.

Aid organization ADRA during floods in numbers
250000 CZK released from the emergency fund
2.2 million CZK material aid distributed in 40 municipalities
12.3 million CZK selected to help people affected by floods
Sent 250 volunteers
350 lent dryers
min. 500 families will be financially supported

ADRA in the Czech Republic actively participates in emergency aid since 1997, when it hit a large part of Moravia extensive flooding. ADRA also helped by a flood in 2010 Prerovsky, South Moravia, Decin and Liberec, where he coordinated more than 1,500 volunteers.

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