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Loss of enjoyment of holiday can prevent consumers themselves

Consumers usually sign contracts without thoroughly read terms and conditions. There is also an area of ​​travel. And yet, just read the document could warn customers against the various inconveniences.

Terms travel agencies can tell a lot about the anticipated holiday. If the customers carefully read, could not argue during or after the holiday with a travel agent, for example, that all-inclusive food was defined only at certain hours, triple room was only a double room with an extra bed in the form of bunk, or that the air conditioning did not work, because business conditions will permit it to function only in certain months. "Clients would certainly in many cases changed their minds whether they want to leave with different restrictions impractical to undergo, but often sign contracts without reading the attachments and then are disappointed," says Law Center dtest Luke Green.

Complain something confirmed by the customer's signature, however, is very problematic. "If it is not explicitly illegal provisions of the conditions, then just left to rely on the good will of the delegates, who can provide customers with greater convenience," says Luke Green, adding: "We also rely only on promises travel agent. If customers do not have the same thing written in the contract, the service may be provided, but claim that it's hard to prove. "

Vacation is for many people a matter which undergoes once, maximum twice a year. If it is accompanied by irritation of poor-quality services, many of relaxation and pleasure bring. The new Civil Code, which takes effect in January next year, brings a definite claim for compensation for "loss of enjoyment of the holiday." It can not, however, ask the travel agency because of any negative experience (eg, arguments with spouse or bad weather) in foreign courts attach to such customers a discount when they are constantly disturbed by noise from the surroundings of the hotel or do not have access to the sea.

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