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To a child without allergies? Help pacifier!

According to Swedish scientists can children before the onset of allergies protect the simple habit of parents - that clean pacifier so that it Ocucaje. What was and is the subject of criticism and fear of inadequate hygiene, suddenly becomes the way a child gently and safely expose bacteria, which may be due to its immunity to develop properly.

From well-known hypotheses ...

Allergies are in developed countries, a very common problem. Previously appeared the view that conflict with harmless strains of bacteria during early childhood may act preventively against them. Yet it was difficult to say with which bacteria child should meet and what age and how they should be exposed.

The revolutionary findings ...

Swedish researchers from the University of Gothenburg address this issue and come to a surprising conclusion.
In the group of 184 infants who were followed from birth, the researchers recorded how many children had a pacifier during the first half of the year and both his parents were cleaning.
Most adult pacifier washed the water until it descendant also gave example after falling to the ground. Some parents had built the, others pacifier cleaned ocucáváním.
It was found that children whose parents were accustomed pacifier ocucat, suffered a year and a half to three times less likely than the offspring of eczema, whose mom and dad did not have this habit.
This reduction in risk persisted even when they were taken into account other factors influencing the development of allergies, such as allergies with parents or caesarean delivery.
Children whose parents gave a pacifier in his mouth, were not observed more frequent upper respiratory infections.

Saliva is a source of many naturally occurring bacteria and viruses. Thus, they are harmless microbes transferred from parent to child, is supported by the proper development of the immune system.

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