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Another trick demonstrations - brokerage contract

The conclusion of several agreements with various entities - this is another trick that is used by the organizers of the demonstration events. Thus greatly confuse your customers and make it difficult for them to withdraw from contracts.

Organizers of the demonstration events still inventing new tactics to get your target audience - senior citizens - difficult situation. After stricter controls that are used to customers unfair and aggressive sales practices, coming up with a new trick. Clients of the presentation event convinces the major conclusion, namely the purchase or travel contract. Besides her but unsuspecting customer enters into another agency agreement with another entity. This fact, however, it does not alert the organizers. Doing so rely on the fact that seniors withdraw only from the main contract and the intermediary forget, to prepare for the possibility of obtaining funding in the order of hundred crowns back. "Even if the second contract from the customers on time and properly resigns, the chances of returning the money is minimal, because acting as intermediaries difficult to track people," says Head of the Legal Advisory dtest Luke Green.

"A new tricks we learned from our clients helplines," said Luke Green, adding: "Mrs. Libuse the presentation event of Beck Reisen travel contract concluded on a tour of the three states, home to realize disadvantage of this contract and wanted to withdraw from it. After a phone consultation client we recommended the withdrawal and sent to the pattern of withdrawal to the company Beck Reisen therefore carried out in due time, and the company canceled the contract. Mrs. Libuse and simultaneously resigned from the agency contract, but the money she received as her agent can not communicate in any way. "

Consumers should always be based not only on the invitation of the information or the data itself will provide the company during the demonstrations, but especially from the contract itself or of all contracts signed. Withdrawal must be made ​​always to an entity which is listed on the contract regardless of whether the consumer with him had acted or not. "even if such a procedure does not lead to a successful outcome, because the other party does not communicate, have no choice but to go to court," says Luke Green.

Collusion taking place on demonstrations, consumers can now draw attention to the website and warn others as well.

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