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Even plants can cause unpleasant injury

Infusions and extracts of medicinal plants on any one medical malady tried about every one of us. Some of these medicinal plants but we can not only help. Perhaps such a common nettle: for its ability to cleanse the body is in great popularity. But try to touch her bare hands ...

Why nettle burns to the skin

Estimated effects of this plant are perhaps the most widely known since time immemorial. Nettle helps to clean the skin, removes headaches and has many other positive effects. If you do not buy it, however, the pharmacy, the question arises how to pick. And it is a stumbling block. The surface of its leaves is covered with spines containing weak acid. After contact with skin, the tip of the mandrel breaks and remains in the skin to which the spilled acid. She has a burning pain. Therefore, when we see the nettle, it will automatically try to avoid them. Nettle burns and a large area of ​​skin usually does not cause any danger. Only causes redness and pimples.

Sharp thorns bushes of raspberries and blackberries

Unlike nettle mandrels are raspberry and blackberry bushes large and hard. Made no acid or other toxic substances, but can not hurt us so. Just stretch of beautifully ripe fruit, lose balance and fall into the bush can be very annoying. The resulting cuts and scrapes on the skin can bleed for a long time to heal and cause scarring.

Cacti prefer to leave out of the reach of children

Although the flowers are beautiful prickly cactus, is a rather keep a safe distance from places where there is a clash with the skin. Especially if you have small children. Injury from a cactus and spines in the skin may also require medical attention, if you can not get it out with tweezers. Remember simply that, and plants can be tricky.

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