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What it pays to keep an eye on when calling abroad?

Prices for calls made abroad, thanks to European Union membership year after year, protection against high bills but acts only on its territory. Just yearn for exotic and accounts for individual calls blisters appear after dozens of crowns. What should you call when abroad to watch?

Since July of this year dropped again regulated prices for roaming in the European Union. The so-called "tariff" should be automatically set each user roaming and until you change yourself, do not be afraid to call him closest neighbors kill off financially. "All operators have responded, reduced prices and tariff included the new member of the EU - Croatia. The prices, however, are to dvoukorunové differences, "says Miloš gin and adds:" During our research, we discovered a small and rather formal errors in the lists. If the operator would still place the regulated tariff charged a higher price, the customer has the right to claim the bill and request their money back. "Complaint handling roaming may take up to two months.

In abroad can be very expensive mobile data. "European regulation protects against" bill shock ", and so we service operator hangs when run out approaching limit to the amount of € 50, more may be charged only with the express consent of the customer," says gin. The rule, however, applies only within the EU, beyond any warnings do not come already and customers must download data policed ​​themselves. For one megabyte of data downloaded in exotic destinations while operators require even less than five hundred crowns. This includes frequent and popular tourist Turkey or Tunisia. Better and smart phones completely disable data downloads or subscribe their package.

Eurotarif is a safeguard against costly roaming in the EU, but when traveling to specific countries are found sometimes even cheaper alternatives call. "When the operator has more options for roaming, it pays to read the conditions and tariffs vary according to the needs. Even in Europe can achieve favorable prices outside tariff, "advises gin.

Comparison of roaming data tariffs and packages is available on / roaming .

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