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Balaton Sound 2013 with a record-breaking visit

Balaton Sound 2013 with a record-breaking visit Already presale revealed that this year's festival MasterCard Balaton Sound, overcome all previous attendance records. Sold out tickets, sold out Friday and Saturday program, eventually mean the sum total of 127000 visitors during the four days of the festival and one warm evening. This year's confirmed that the festival received the award for best festival "Best European Festival Medium" law.

The biggest party on the beach in central Europe was greater than ever before and also thanks to the great weather, excellent performer and an extraordinary fans who filled the whole area. MasterCard Balaton Sound in Hungary is popular since its inception seven years ago, but his fame spread and beyond, and currently accounts for approximately 40% of the foreign visitors.

After a sold out season tickets for at least ten thousand fans decided not to come to the festival, pre-sales abroad was more than double that, these facts indicative of the interest in the festival organizing team forward. But despite the interest in the festival was huge, the plans for its expansion yet arise. "We do not intend to change the size of the complex. When we were seven years ago decided to place here, on the shore of Lake Balaton, we planned it as a bonus, an exclusive festival. This idea to hold a vice than to increase capacity, our efforts will focus service quality improvements. "Said Norbert Lobenwein, one of the main organizers MasterCard Balaton Sound.

Responses to the organizers received from visitors or performers - without exception - confirm that this is a great combination of location, structure and programming of the festival, which provides a unique experience. "Our goal is to be the Best European Medium Festival in the long term, "said Zoltán Fülöp, the other main organizer of the Balaton Sound." We are also pleased that the festival has become the most important event in the region of Lake Balaton, and that he took part in 127,000 visitors. "

Video: Sunrise at Balaton Sound

Because this is the same team, everything is now moving to the island in Budapest, where he finalized preparations for the Sziget festival . But in August, the organizers returned to the scene and start a series of concerts in different places of the region of Lake Balaton. Festival will be called Nagyon Balaton and believes that a series of concerts and attract foreign visitors, such as the appearance B.My.Lake.

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