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What not to neglect when buying tickets on the Internet

Which domestic carrier requires the printed ticket and who just view it on your mobile? For whom is required to board the bus in advance? Ignorance of the conditions of carriage of domestic carriers is not unusual for consumers. However, it can also lead to the fact that the customer neodcestuje.

Ticket vendors are required by law may determine whether and how to allow their customers to cancel. Lawyers magazine dTest focused on business conditions largest sellers of tickets in national rail and bus services, to find out what conditions accompany the act. "Cancel ticket can usually do a half hour before departure, but the conditions and fees vary between carriers," provides legal counsel dtest Miloš gin. When completing your order you need to pay attention to the input data, as Czech Railways and LEO Express by transport conditions do not return fare poorly filled electronic tickets.

General Terms and Conditions of most retailers CITA tens of thousands of characters. "Exceptions are Czech Railways, for which we are in the contractual documentation counted over half a million characters," says gin and adds: "CAVEATS or illegal passage we are in the conditions found. For special provisions may be considered Student Agency, under which passengers must take place at least five minutes before departure. Who is accustomed to chase the bus at the last minute, you may be unpleasantly surprised - to lose the right place. If the connection is already occupied, Student Agency return fare, but it will charge you a cancellation fee. "

When buying over the internet can be a problem printing the ticket itself. For most carriers but sufficient number of tickets or view it as a mobile phone. "Only Eurolines require a printed ticket ever. When purchasing through the portal AMSBUS depends on the individual carriers whether he needs only code which the customer becomes aware while shopping, "says gin. Comparison cancellation conditions six largest sellers of tickets on the internet is available to / Ticket .

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