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80 years of elephants in Prague Elephant steamer and a giant cake

80 years of elephants in Prague Elephant steamer and a giant cake 80 years ago came to Prague Zoo first elephant, famous Baby. To celebrate this important anniversary to themselves elephants and visitors. On Sunday, a herd of elephants in Prague on a special delicious cake throughout the day in downtown sailed benefit elephant steamer.

"Baby Elephant came to the Prague zoo in July 1933. Those with the baby during his stay in Prague zoo met, it will be a memorable and in some rare cases, remember this day. He entered the history of the Prague Zoo and became one of its icons, "said zoo director Miroslav Bobek Prague. Meeting with the current elephant herd, the largest that has ever been in Prague, today presents similar experiences as decades ago Baby.

The anniversary of his arrival in Prague, visitors and elephant herd, including small Sity commemorated on Sunday, 21 July. The largest of the Valley runs the elephants had prepared a special melon cake, on which savored. Even visitors did not come in short - melons left to them.

Baby came from Ceylon, now Sri Lanka, where the Prague zoo also received more elephants. When the beginning of the 70 years opened the newly built pavilion large mammals, it welcomed visitors Sundari and Kadir. Prague zoo is donated Prime Minister Sirimavo Bandaranaike. The last elephants in Sri Lanka, female Tamara and Janita, arrived - again as a gift to the Sri Lankan government - last fall.

For eighty years through breeding elephants many changes. Elephants first served pavilion where it is current exposure tailed lemur. At the beginning of the 70th years, elephants and other animals migrated to the halls of large mammals, which served to open new elephants Valley this spring.
Among the twenty-two elephants, who appeared in Prague since 1933, were elephants, African elephant, and even a forest that was already in his time zoological sensation.

The longest of all elephants living in the zoo female Gulab. She came to Prague in 1966, has seen all the previous pavilions and elephant became the darling of millions of visitors.

The year 2013 marked the breed elephants in Prague Zoo fundamental change. Elephants have moved to new premises Valley elephants, in which managed to assemble the largest herd in the Czech Republic, now numbering eight animals. 11th February 2013 is the first elephant born in the history of the Prague zoo, female Sita.

Source: tz Zoo Prague, photo: Tomáš Adamec, Zoo Praha

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