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Rescued martins

Gas stations in Svoboda nad Úpou undergoing renovations. Under the roof but nestled colony Martins general, who built here two dozen nests. The builder works therefore stayed up until the martins would lead the young.

"We planned reconstruction of late, but I think it's worth it. It would be a shame if martins nesting not been able to finish, "said George Baláč, investment techniques of gasoline. The newly constructed building Benzina builders managed to install a steel frame. On the ceiling there already, because their installation would be destroyed nests. In such cases, the builder of the nature protection authorities to move the nest, but after consultation with experts from the National Park Administration in this case, the builder decided to interfere with nesting, because it is a really big colony.

House Martin is a small bird, grows to about 13 cm in wingspan measuring 26-29 cm and its weight is around 18 g blade is blue with a hint of steel, wings and tail are brown-black kostřec and the underside of the body is white. They nest in colonies, usually CITA less than 10 pairs, but under the right conditions can be very large. I'll hemispherical nests, which are up to vletový hole closed. They build is mostly under the roof overhang on the outer walls of buildings. The nest is glued on aluminum lumps and inside lined with stalks and feathers.
In one year, the vyhnízdit twice and even three times. The female lays 3-6 white, 1.9 × 1.33 cm and large eggs for 14-16 days is alternately heated both old birds, who also tied for feeding young. Leave the nest after 22-32 days, but parents are still fed for several days afterwards.

Nests Martins people often collide due to the large amount of droppings accumulating beneath them. This can be easily avoided by storing wood or metal below the nest. As a reward you martins picking up flies. Removal of their nests in the CR is prohibited by law.

Source: tz KRNAP

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