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The cycling helmet is - always

Cycling is not only a top sport or alternative means of transportation. This is one of the most common recreational activities. In the Czech Republic takes a swim after a hike now third in the popularity of sports.

Statistics show that on a bike ride with us almost a third of the population older than 16 years. This means that we move between more than two million cyclists. Round own almost 80 percent of school-age children.

Round but not only bring joy. Cyclists, along with pedestrians and motorcyclists vulnerable groups of road users. The results of the study of the British Society for the Prevention of accidents ROSPA that the road in the EU die every year over 2,800 cyclists and almost 140,000 are injured.

The head is vulnerable

The most serious injuries are blows to the head. Rider's head is hit at every second cycle accident. Typically, these clash with the car, pavement or curb. Head trauma accounts for 80 percent of all serious injury accidents and cyclists are also the most common cause of death.

The collision occurs cyclist cyclists hit head on the hood of a vehicle speed of about 25 km / h. Concentrated blow to the head can kill an adult human in the fall, at a speed of 11 km / h. Child even at lower speeds. The rider without a helmet is therefore little chance of survival. Language of numbers - cyclist without a helmet is almost 7 times higher risk of head injuries, and 8 times higher risk of serious injury to the brain .

Helmet condition

The right bicycle helmet must protect not only the scruff of the neck and face, but also partly the face, temples and ears. Approved helmets models are identified Attest certification 8SD. That in itself is not enough. When choosing the right helmet is necessary to pay attention to the corresponding size of the shell and adjusting straps. The helmet must be well attached to the head, do not move.

Act No. 361/2000 Coll., The road, directly in § 58 states that cyclists under 18 years old must ride in an approved safety helmet use by type of special legislation and have it attached and properly attached to the head. That helmet for bike riding are inseparable, but you should be aware everyone who gets behind the handlebars.

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